Socialist Worker Builds Ties to Aussie Marxists

Socialist Worker and Climaction activist, Julia Espinoza wasn’t at yesterday’s march in Auckland.


Espinoza was in Sydney at the 36th annual national conference of the Australian Marxist youth organisation, Resistance.

From Green Left Weekly

Next month’s conference will also feature a young socialist activist from across the Tasman. Julia Espinoza is a member of Socialist Worker (New Zealand) and an organiser with Climaction, Auckland’s climate change coalition, and Solidarity Union. Espinoza is also active in the Venezuela-Aotearoa Solidarity Team.

Though Socialist Worker is technically allied to their Australian sister party, the , they are actually far closer to the and its youth wing, Resistance.

DSP is Australia’s largest Marxist-Leninist party and serves as a bridge between Trotskyist groups like Socialist Worker and “mainstream” communist parties such as the Cubans and South Africans.


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  1. She’s this short instigator who thinks she protests for peoples rights but is atually the opposite if you really know her?!

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