Should Nandor Tanczos be Talking to the Police?

An appeal to Green Party MP Nandor Tancos

Green Party MP Nandor Tanczos has been a strong campaigner against the recent police raids on the so called “Urewera 17

Mr Tanczos has been an anarchist activist since his teens and has strong coonnections to the radical scene in the Auckland, the Waikato and Wellington.

Mr Tanczos has also been a strong supporter of the Save Happy Valley Campaign.

The Wellington branch of the SHVC is based at 128 Alel Smith Street Wellington, an anarchist hangout, to which several of the “Urewera 17″ are connected.

Several of those arrested, including Omar Hamed, Tim/Ira Bailey, Emily Bailey and the as yet unnamed 23 year old Swiss national have been heavily involved in SHVC.

Several supporters and associates of the anarchist contingent of the “Urewera 17” arrestees are also active in the SHVC.

Given Mr Tanczos’ anarchist connections and his strong support for the SHVC, it is a safe bet that Mr Tanczos personally knows some of those arrested and their supporters.

This makes a statement posted by Mr Tancos on a Green Party internet forum 26th January 2006, particularly interesting.

The context was a discussion on the place of Maori in New Zealand society and the Treaty of Waitangi.

Here is Mr Tanczos’ statement-emphasis added;

If we say ‘well Pakeha have the power now, so tough’ and base our occupation on simple domination, then we have to prepare ourselves for permanent civil unrest and eventually when the demographics change enough, for outright war. I have spoken to people who see this as the future, and it frightens the hell out of me.

I think that the high level of Maori in prison is indicative that many people DO see this as the reality, both in the sense of many esp. poor Maori having no stake or commitment to society in its current forms, and also in the sense of a racist system parts of which aim to dominate and suppress Maori people.

Could the people Mr Tanczos has “spoken to” included some of the anarchist or Maori activists arrested on October 15th?

Could some of them be “Urewera 17” supporters not yet arrested or interviewed by police?

Does Mr Tanczos possess information that could be valuable to police investigating the “Urewera 17” or other networks?

Seventeen people, some of whom Mr Tanczos almost certainly knows face firearms charges. There was clearly sufficient evidence for police to suspect at least some of them to be involved in planning terrorist activities.

Some reports have indicated that up to 100 people may have been involved in “activities” in the Ureweras, so there may still be several people in the community that police need to know about.

Therefore I urge Mr Tanczos to take any information he may have, no matter how minor it may seem, to the police.

One small piece of information may be enough to allow police to make more arrests or uncover further potentially dangerous activities. It may even save lives.

I therefore urge Mr Tanczos to put aside his loyalties to his anarchist friends and put his country and his constituents first.


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11 thoughts on “Should Nandor Tanczos be Talking to the Police?

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  2. Oh really Fried ?

    All those fine things you bring indeed…..wonder what the residents of Gaza might say about that little gem of a claim ?

    I love the literacy/numeracy assertion. But hang on…..I’m a Palestinian kid, 8 years old…..the IDF closed my school over a year ago. Threat of terrorism you know…..

    What do I do now Mr Freedom Loving Amerikan zionist ? Advance my numeracy by counting the number of my schoolmates shot and killed/wounded by the IDF ? Or the number of houses in my street “Caterpillered” down by the IDF ?

    Oh, I forgot. I am less than human and so are my people. Your words Fried – “Palestinians are depraved losers…..”.

    And you rail haughty about “Freedom” !

  3. Steve Not a Maori from Northland says “Hey, our Amerikan zionist friends have surfaced ! Our IDF:10 Palestinians:1 fullas.

    What the hell they have to do with Aotearoa I’m buggered if I know.”

    Don’t be afriad. We come in peace. \\// <-- (Spock hand signa) We bring civilization, literacy, numeracy and capitalist properity.

  4. Hey, our Amerikan zionist friends have surfaced ! Our IDF:10 Palestinians:1 fullas.

    What the hell they have to do with Aotearoa I’m buggered if I know.

    Perhaps they’re just overexcited at the prospect of the impending “Arms Trials”.

    One swallow does not make a slimmer friends. I’d hold judgment if I were you. Which you won’t of course because essentially you have none. That is the way of flighty fanatics.

    You’re right Huhana. The material doesn’t sound Maori to me. To my ears there’s more of a weird, nutter shrieking, Anatoliy-ish tone there.

    Golly-itsyn…..I’m frightened !

  5. Have you looked at that web site EXOCET? (Lovely man Kyle Chapman – not!)

    Yes, I did read the stuff in the Dominion – just mad I’d say and as I understand it they weren’t complete transcripts either. Didn’t sound as if the people being bugged were Maori either.


  6. So you generally agree with the aims of those arrested Huhana?

    I assume that you’ve read the Dominion and smiled and nodded when you read the Police transcripts?


  7. Mah

    “Do these Maori radicals are willing to create a Maori-version of the PLO, IRA, Hamas, Tamil Tigers, et al in the near future? Are they that stupid to justify bringing terrorism to New Zealand’s shores?”

    Dream on Mah 29001. Did you check out the Survive Club Mah? Bet you didn’t! They don’t like people like you. You and Reid of America can stay away from our shores – go play paranoia somewhere else.


  8. anons comment is telling,
    so called tax dodging Dave Henderson acted to keep what he’d earned and harm no one.
    These activists trained for and planned harm against others to achieve seperatism.

  9. Do these Maori radicals are willing to create a Maori-version of the PLO, IRA, Hamas, Tamil Tigers, et al in the near future? Are they that stupid to justify bringing terrorism to New Zealand’s shores?

  10. Very humourous, once again youve brought a smile to my face 🙂

    I’m not sure whether its meant as parody but thats how I’m taking it.

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