The Generosity of Americans

Yesterday’s birthday reminded me of a very special  present I was given while I was in California late last year.

My hosts gave me a family heirloom – a summons, for seven pounds and ten shillings, dated July 26, 1746, signed by ancestor Jonathan Trumble of Lebanon Connecticut.

Jonathan Trumbull (the spelling was changed for unknown reasons) later became Governor of Connecticut.

He was one of the few Americans who served as governor in both a pre-Revolutionary colony and a post-Revolutionary state. During the American Revolution he was the only colonial governor who supported the American side.

Jonathan Trumbull was a close friend of George Washington’s and managed a good bit of the Continental Army’s logistics and supply. Washington referred to him as “Brother Jonathan.”

This document is now my family heirloom. It will be passed to my children as a symbol of the generosity and the love of freedom of the American people and the leadership they have given the free world.

Thank you.


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5 thoughts on “The Generosity of Americans

  1. How exciting!! As soon as I saw his name (Trumble) I wondered if it were Trumbull…for Trumbull, Connecticut the town. I was unaware that Trumbull was a Governor!!! I would love to have such an exciting piece of history from my own family.

  2. What a meaningful piece of history! I second Debbie's comment; I'm really glad the letter is in good and appreciative hands and that you are sharing it with your family.

  3. Trevor, you have been most kind to this country in a way most don't understand, but the ones of us .. who are fighting this horror.. of global governance and communism, what ever these find folks gave you .. is just a little part of gratitude many in this country have for your time and dedication .. Happy Birthday again Trevor ..

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