UN Marxist To Grill Government Over "Urewera 17"

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The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights while Countering Terrorism has agreed that there are grounds to investigate the New Zealand Government over its conduct during the October 15 raids. This is the first time that a complaint from a group against a nation-state has been accepted by the Rapporteur. The complaint was lodged by lawyers acting on behalf of the Tuhoe nation and some of the accused in the case. It is based on some 14 specific instances of breaches of human rights.

The New Zealand government has now been issued a list of questions by the United Nations and it is required to provide a response to these within six months. The complaint was submitted pursuant to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The grounds of the complaint are acute breaches of rights to privacy, freedom from discrimination and personal liberty, for which there is no available domestic remedy. The violations arise from conduct of the police, elected politicians and media, and pertain to what has been termed, albeit without objective or legal foundation, an ‘anti-terrorism’ operation.

Depending on the response of the Government, or the lack thereof, the Rapporteur may make a ruling on the complaint or decide to investigate further, possibly visiting Aotearoa New Zealand in order to interview victims of the raids, arrestees, lawyers and naturally, members of the police and Government.

The New Zealand Government likes to extol its human rights record to the world. Meanwhile, it conveniently ignores the condemnation of various UN bodies when they don’t suit the Government’s fairy tale of amicable race relations. In 2006, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous People visited Aotearoa New Zealand to investigate breaches of human rights as a result of the Foreshore and Seabed Act. Following the investigation, the Rapporteur issued a report detailing the violations of human rights which the New Zealand Government has roundly ignored.

Needless to say, people around the world are not blind to the New Zealand Government’s double-speak when it come to Maori. Statements from around the world, including the Canadian Postal Worker’s Union and the Zapatista Liberation Army indicate that support for the right of Maori to self-determination will not be denied.

The rapporteur mentioned in this case is Mexican Marxist Sociology professor, Rodolfo Stavenhagen.

This man’s job is to aid indigenous revolutionaries and denigrate their opposition.

The Canadian Postal Workers Union is controlled by Zapatista supporters and is aligned to the the international Zapatista support network, People’s Global Action.


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6 thoughts on “UN Marxist To Grill Government Over "Urewera 17"

  1. Umm, well not really knowing much it looks a bit dodgy. I mean it seems like a lobby group but I sorta get the feeling it is a bit of a front for heavy left wing (marxist even) change

  2. I wonder when is the U.N. going to complain about Tibet under China? Or China pointing its missiles toward Taiwan and attacking any Taiwanese pro-independence leaders while backing the KMT?

    It’s only “wrong” should Western nations have this problem of separatists such as these Maori radicals.

  3. Hi anon-I presume you’re talking about the NZ Union of Students Associations?

    I do anon.

    What do you want to know?

  4. Hey trevor, do you know much about NZUSA? I have just sort of recently learnt what it does and wondered if you knew the history etc?

  5. New Zealand should refuse this left-wing extremist entry to the country, let alone take his inquiry seriously.

    Most parts of the United Nations are a mere forum for communists and dictators. To hell with it!

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