Russia Readies For War

From Novosti

MOSCOW, March 5 – Russia is preparing a new draft of its military doctrine to reflect the growing importance of the use of force in foreign polices conducted by leading global powers, the Security Council said Monday.

The analysis of the situation on the global arena points to the increasing demand for forcible actions in the policies conducted by the leading countries,” the council said in a statement.

The new revision of the military doctrine should provide answers to the most urgent issues of Russia’s national security,” the statement said.

Russian national security experts believe that military doctrines adopted by leading global powers emphasize modernization of their military potential and the use of advanced technologies in the development of modern weaponry.

“[They] actively introduce new means of modern warfare, revise “technologies” in the use of armed forces, change “the configuration” of military presence, and strengthen military alliances, especially NATO,” the Security Council said.

Armed forces are still being used as an important instrument in maintaining political and economic interests of states, and Russia cannot ignore these factors in developing its military doctrine,” the council said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in January it would spend over 860 billion rubles ($32.42 billion) of federal budget funds in 2007, 23% more than in 2006. Military spending will account for 16% of overall federal budget expenditure.


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  1. The United States is believed to be readying for war with Iran, Trevor. This may surprise you as you seem to not be aware. I haven’t seen you write anything about the threat to international stability that such an event would cause.

  2. Putin religious as a Muslim? He’s hardly religious as a Christian Orthodox! Typical way of exposing someone’s true ideology as Putin remains to be dedicated to the hammer and sickle.

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