Who Else Was Linked to the Urewera Camps?

Only 17 people were arrested in the October 15th anti terror raids.

However, on reading the police affadavit, it was claimed that over 100 people had attended training.

The affadavit names several that were known to have attended, but for whatever reason were not arrested.

Most were Maori and several had extensive criminal records.

Several others were named as knowing about the camps, or advised of dates, but were not seen attending.

Some of those either attending or apparently aware of the activities of the “Urewera 17” included;

A former Auckland University Student Association Maori Students officer, well connected to Asian student radicals and known to have spent time in the Philippines and on the Thai/Burmese border.

A Maori tattooist

A Maori spiritual healer

A Maori tribal leader, former government consultant on Maori cultural and welfare policy, who has travelled to North Korea in recent years.

A well known activist who has given his young son, the middle name of “Zapatista.”

A pensioner, allegedly involved in training some of those arrested.

A Maori radio journalist.

A prominent Tuhoe leader.

A North American Indian activist, currently resident in New Zealand.

A movie projectionist.

The daughter of a prominent Taranaki Maori activist.

A female Wellington anarchist, active in Peace Action Wellington and Peace Movement Aotearoa. Two arrestees, also both Wellington anarchists, Val Morse and the as yet unnamed Swiss national are also involved in Peace Action Wellington. This woman also has links with the anarchist HQ at 128 Abel Smith Street Wellington as have all three Baileys arrested-Simon/Rongomai, Ira/Tim and Emily, plus Val Morse and the Swiss national.

A Christchurch based male activist with the Save Happy Valley Campaign. Five arrestees-Val Morse, Ira/Tim Bailey, Emily Bailey, Omar Hamed and the Swiss national are also involved with SHVC. The Christchurch man, the Bailey’s and the Swiss national were involved, late last year in a SHVC training camp. Another Christchurch SHVC member travelled north with this man, but is not known to have attended that particular (or any other)camp.

A young Tuhoe activist who attended the Nice n Native camp earlier this year, at a Waikato Marae, with arrestees Tim and Emily Bailey and Rangi Kemara.

Several individuals prominent in the campaign to paint the “Urewera 17” as innocent activists.


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