Hide On Cullen’s Greed and Arrogance

An $8.7 Billion dollar revenue surplus and Cullen still won’t cut taxes.

From Rodney Hide

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today said that it was completely absurd for Finance Minister Dr Michael Cullen to put up spurious tests before letting Kiwis keep more of the money they earn.

“These tests demonstrate Dr Cullen’s arrogance and show just how out of touch he has become,” Mr Hide said.

The Minister has hiked the tax take by $20 billion, increased Government spending to record levels, and now sits on a monster surplus of $8.7 billion. Now he has the audacity and arrogance to set up tests before he will consider tax cuts.

“The test should be on why politicians like Dr Cullen should be taking our money in the first place: are they spending it properly and efficiently? Is it better that they spend that last dollar of tax revenue, rather than letting taxpayers spend their own money? What is the cost to the economy of taxing at high levels?

“The test should be on Dr Cullen as to why he should be keeping taxes high, not on lowering them.

“That’s why ACT’s Taxpayer Rights Bill is so important. It would cap taxes in real terms, and the test would be on politicians who want to increase taxes – they would need taxpayers’ consent before a hike. After all, it is the taxpayers’ money – something Dr Cullen has forgotten,” Mr Hide said.


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