Arrested Anarchists Were in Solidarity with Tuhoe

Just found a link from June 2007 showing solidarity by two anarchist members of the “Urewera 17” to the Tuhoe people of Tame Iti.

It comes from Life During Capitalism, the blog of arrestee, Omar Hamed.

Around fifty-five people turned out to the evening of political documentaries that was the Antidote #15.

Smush, premiered the first cut of his 30 minute documentary from Tonga which he peppered with his own insights from his experiences traveling around Tonga in the aftermath of the pro-democracy riots and subsequent repression.

We also showed Whose News?, a 30 minute film produced by the Auckland Indymedia Collective in 2004 about the corporate media and the independent alternatives.

However our feature was Tuhoe: History of Resistance, an hour long collection of footage and interviews from a people who have long had their views distorted, ignored and misrepresented in the corporate media.

Smush” is the as yet unnamed 23 year old Swiss national who was arrested on October 15th.

The police sought to charge both of these men with terrorist offences.


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