Former AOC Prezzie Sorts Out Canada’s Housing Problem

Check out former ACT on Campus president, David Seymour commenting on Canadian TV.

David tells the Canadians that the main reason their houses are so dear is because of restrictive local government land policies.

I look forward to the day David comes back to New Zealand to tell our government the same thing.

Go David!


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6 thoughts on “Former AOC Prezzie Sorts Out Canada’s Housing Problem

  1. My uncle runs a farm engineering business near Te Awamutu Steve.

    He’s nearly as liberal as me, so perhaps he was there.

    Perhaps you met him.

    We could be practically related Steve!

  2. Excellent response there Trev… answer to an equally excellent jibe. Poo Peel’s better than E Channel !

    Recently went to the civil union of two mates in Te Awamutu. Pretty rough farmer fullas they are. On the happy couple’s fridge door was this gem:

    “If gay marriage offends you….talk to straight couples…..they’re the ones keep having gay babies !”

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