More On Iti and Iran

The police affadavit used to secure search warrants for the October 15th anti terror raids allegedly contains a short reference to Tame Iti and Iran.

A bugged converstion from April 2007 allegedly refers to Iti intending to travel to Iraq, but expressing the opinion that he might get a better hearing in Iran.

Iti supporters have claimed that he was going to Iran, after his May 2007 trip to Austria (to appear in a Maori version of the Tempest)to broker a fishing deal, which turned sour.

It has also been stated by a commentor on the above linked post, that Iti never actually arrived in Iran.

That a trip to Iraq and possibly Iran was discussed by two of Iti’s “soldiers“, a month before Iti went overseas raises some questions.

Were these men, who allegedly participated in armed training activities, really interested in a Middle Eastern fishing deal?

Or did they think that Iti’s real purpose lay elsewhere?


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