Sue Bradford Caned!!!!!! 87.6% Vote For Smacking

The results are in.

Sue Bradford’s evil anti-smacking law has been caned by the voting public.

These are the figures for the smacking referendum from KiwiBlog.

The interim results are:

1,622,150 votes cast which I think is a 54% response rate. That is higher than most local body elections and pretty good for a referendum not held with a general election.

87.6% voted no and 11.8% vote yes.

A massive victory for common sense.

As a proportion of total enrolled adults, 47% voted no, 46% did not vote and only 7% voted yes.

This gives Prime Minister John Key an interesting choice-and an incredibly easy one.

A Do nothing-let down hundreds of thousands of families all over the country and lose huge numbers of votes.

B Change the law to re-legalise smacking and earn the undying gratitude of hundreds of thousands of Kiwis and guarantee National the treasury Benches for a decade.

Your call John.

Bad luck Sue.


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