Blair Gores Gore

Blair Mulholland isn’t impressed that Al Gore has won the Nobel Prize for his “global warming” propaganda efforts.

Blair doesn’t mince words.

In the Proud Tradition of Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter…
And the award for talking complete bullshit and fucking over the world’s poor goes to…

Al Gore!

We live in a world where free trade, globalisation and industrialisation over the last two hundred years have lifted millions, nay, billions out of poverty all around the world. And Al Gore wants to put a stop to it because, supposedly, the world might be one degree hotter in 100 years time.

Think about that.

Think about how utterly, ridiculously, ludicrous that sounds. What complete and utter defiance of common sense it is.

This is not about the environment. This is about power and control of you, your life and your family.

This is about Al Gore, Helen Clark, John Key, banning, prohibiting, restricting your freedom and way of life. They are not going to “save the planet” this way -no sane person could believe that they would. They want control of your life, nothing more, nothing less.

It seems that this is the way freedom dies – to thunderous applause. Can we save our democracy and our way of life? Or is it already dead? Have these barbarians already won?


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10 thoughts on “Blair Gores Gore

  1. Ahhh, slums and poverty… if only those poor working class folk had been left as indentured peasants eking out a living in the countryside, their lives would have been so much better no?

    Most of the trolls on here seem to be communists, so I wouldn’t put much stock in anything they say either.

  2. If Henry Kissinger can win a Nobel Peace Prize then anyone can. And Blair Mulholland is a supporter of (certain) dictatorships, I wouldn’t put much stock in anything he says.

  3. so the point of this again is for trev to get a little climate skeptic venting.

    gore isnt anti industrialist – he is anti coal and other heavy polluting energy forms. he is far lighte than the greens and greenpeace – he is an eco capitalist, and a rather liberal one at that.

    still as cameron says he is no peacenik.

  4. Yes it’s a funny one, him getting it. Though Blair’s comments are totally off. Industrialisation or development is never totally positive and will always produce side effects which need to be minded. Consider the slums and poverty that the industrial revolutions produced in both the UK and America, the growth of cartels in the US and the current state of intellectual property law worldwide. All of these are things that need to be carefully managed, so that regulation is always going to be a side product.

  5. I was sickened when I heard Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. While he was Vice-President of the US his government bombed Iraq, a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia. His government enforced the sanctions against Iraq, which stopped the country from exporting or importing anything, including medicines and medical equipment. This killed as many as one million people.

    The terrorist Gore should be sent to the Hague for a war crimes trial, not given a Nobel Peace Prize.

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