Cubans Show Interest in Obama’s Campaign

Hillary’s campaign has faltered and Barack Obama has got a second wind in the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Barack has been backed by the communists at home-now the Cuban communists seem to be showing an interest in his fortunes.

From Cuba’s Prensa Latina

Washington, Nov 28 Slips and gaps in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s strategy seems to be paving the way for African American Sen. Barack Obama (D.-IL) to win the 2008 presidential race.

NewsMax says chances for the Blue Party legislator improved after winning support from Democrat ex Vice President Al Gore and Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

Clinton’s problems began with “a thorny issue” in a live TV debate on October 30: granting driver’s license to illegal immigrants in New York.

The analysts consider his message better synchronized with the active Democratic forces: he opposes the war in Iraq and favors a liberal agenda for social issues like public health and immigration.

While Obama currently leads the polls in Iowa, and is gaining ground in important states like New Hampshire and S. Carolina, a recent inquiry by Zogby agency shows that Hillary would lose while Obama would beat the five leading Republican contenders in early elections

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