The National Question Part 32 Epilogue

In the last 31 posts I have attempted to show that New Zealand doesn’t have a racial problem, it has a political problem.

Maori “sovereignty” is not based on race but is underpinned by Marxist-Leninist politics.

New Zealanders must not be sucked into hating fellow Kiwis on the basis of skin colour. They must instead rationally focus on those socialists of all races who would divide our nation in pursuit of their nightmares.

In 2007 National Question activity dominates New Zealand life at every turn.

Maori language and culture is forced on our children in schools. “Cultural Safety” has created a climate of fear in our training institutions as radical head cases dictate who may or may not have jobs in health, education and other sectors.

It is clear that National Question agenda could ruin New Zealand.

This fear of deteriorating race relations casts a pall over the country, that must be lifted if New Zealand is to live the tremendous potential it’s citizens possess.

Improved conditions will not be handed to us, we must demand it of ourselves that they occur.

The solutions are of course libertarian.

They involve the dismantling of state racism and the establishment of a much simplified legal system, applicable equally to all New Zealanders. Thuggery, treason and extortion must be exposed and punished.

School choice and must be introduced to end the brainwashing of our children.

Socialist power must curbed by removing all remaining legal privileges for trade unions.

The socialist movement, in all it’s facets, from the Marxist parties, to the agents of the United Nations and the infiltrators in the “mainstream” churches must be exposed and countered.

New Zealand’s racial problems began when early socialist governments began to try and protect Maori from the world. Maori became wedded to the state earlier and more firmly than the rest of us. This retarded their progress and turned the majority of Maori into second class citizens, thus enabling more militant socialists to create the problems we have today.

This must be reversed, state power must shackled so that all New Zealanders can live as free and self supporting people.

Racial harmony will only come to New Zealand when we establish a true “New Freeland

When people are free, when they are making money, when individual responsibility and rational self interest are the ruling ethos, then and only then will racial differences cease to be a significant problem.

Problems can only be solved when truth is confronted. I hope this series of articles has helped bring more truth to light.

I will deal with contemporary “National Question” issues in future posts.


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