Why the Communist Party USA May Decide Your Future

US libertarian Tim Gordon takes issue with my post on the Communist Party USA’s seeming infatuation with Barack Obama.

I quoted from an article in the CPUSA’s theoretical journal, Political Affairs, by Joel Wendland, praising Obama’s foreign policy positions.

I argued that Wendland was sending a message to the CPUSA faithful that Obama was worthy of their support.

Tim is apparently a friend of Joel Wendland’s and had this to say;

HA! Joel may wish he had this kind of clout, or that he’s in charge of the Signal Corps of the CPUSA…but hardly. I’m a libertarian, and Joel is a friend of mine. He’s a father of two, US Army veteran, and loves his country.

He’s also a pragmatist, and of course he’s going to support whatever candidate comes closest to his belief system; wouldn’t you? He caught a great deal of flack from the party-liners for supporting John Kerry, as it was either going to be Bush or Kerry that won, no CPUSA had a shot. So why not support someone who at least is on your own side of the fence?

I grew up in the cold war and still it baffles me why some are still so scared of the dreaded commies. Maybe they’re a threat to you Kiwis, but if you knew how vestigial they are as a party and/or mindset in America, you’d be laughing as hard as I am.

I can understand Tim’s attitude. Why would a NZ blogger care about the activities of a little known US Marxist-Leninist organisation?

Here is why.

The CPUSA is probably under 5,000 strong. However it does control or influence several large unions and has huge influence in the peace movement and in African American and Latino communities.

Most importantly it has thoroughly infiltrated the Democratic Party. The CPUSA and Young Communist League work with and inside the Democratic Party from the highest to the lowest levels.

In Congress the CPUSA is works closely with many members, including Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich. The party works closely with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which consists of nearly 70 leftist Democrats. It also works with the overlapping Progressive Democrats of America (a significant lobby group within the party) and several other Democrat linked pressure groups.

CPC and PDA and Democratic policy, regularly reflects CPUSA policy.

The CPUSA openly and covertly targets marginal congressional and Senate seats, in order to elect leftist Democrats and unseat Republicans.

It deservedly takes significant credit for the Democratic victory in the 2006 US mid term elections and is focused on increasing the Democrat’s majority and electing a Democrat president in 2008.

Several past, some major and several minor Democrat presidential candidates, including Dennis Kucinich and former US ambassador to NZ, Carol Moseley-Braun have had CPUSA links. The 2008 election may however prove embarrassment of riches for the CPUSA.

All three leading Democratic presidential contenders, Edwards, Clinton and Obama have radical backgrounds, particularly the latter two.

The CPUSA will try to secure the Democratic nomination “its” candidate. It will then throw all its resources behind the Democrats to ensure the republicans are put to the sword.

Many recent US elections have been won by a tiny percentage of votes. It is entirely credible that a well organised CPUSA could deliver the US to the Democrats.

Picture an US Congress and Senate dominated by leftist Democrats and led by a socialist president.

That will have huge implications for us all.

The US has been the major bulwark against Nazism, Communism and radical Islam in the last 60 years. The US has kept large chunks of the world free.

Imagine a US government and presidency controlled by socialists.

The CPUSA wants to see that happen. It also has power and leverage enough to make it happen.

That’s why I think the CPUSA merits our attention.


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1 thought on “Why the Communist Party USA May Decide Your Future

  1. I’m not surprise that the CPUSA is quite fond of far left circles in the Democratic party. There were some allegations that the Clintons had money from Communist China be given to their campaign in 1996 (allegedly). The leadership of the CPUSA has also traveled to Communist China and met with senior leaders in the past.

    If it’s true the Clintons received money from Communist China for their campaigns, then perhaps there is another reason why the CPUSA is quite fond of these far left Democratic circles. But hey, don’t get me wrong, folks like Obama who are backed by George Soros may also become bipartisan and root for Republicans too, as it may explain to a degree why Bush might even close GITMO.

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