Second Wave of Socialism?

Far from seeing themselves as a dead movement, the world’s communist parties are gearing up for a “second wave” of socialism that will be bigger and better than the first. Latin America, particularly Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia is the new beacon of Bolshevism.

From Australian Marxist Review

Miguel Figueroa,
Leader, Communist Party of Canada to the International Ideological Seminar hosted by the Communist Party of Venezuela Caracas, July 2006

Dear comrades,

Let me begin by expressing our party’s appreciation to our host, the Communist Party of Venezuela for convening this seminar. We sincerely believe that the results of this forum, and of the 12th Congress itself will make a meaningful contribution to the work of all communist and revolutionary parties and movements around the world. The theme “Socialism in the 21st Century” is especially appropriate given that it is precisely here in Venezuela where the working class and popular forces are setting out to build a new socialist society, the first such socialist project of the new century. I’m sure that I speak for all the fraternal delegates and parties in saying that “we are with you 100%, and confident that the Bolivarian Revolution and socialism will triumph!”

Without doubt, the “second wave” of socialism — the socialism of the 21st Century — will distinguish itself from the “first wave” of socialist construction during the last century insofar as the revolutionary forces today have the benefit of analysing and learning from those previous experiences — both their achievements and their failures and distortions — and in this sense we can confidently predict that the “new socialism” will be better, stronger, and more enduring than the previous wave of socialist construction.


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