Be Back to You Soon

Since the Van Jones resignation my inbox has been filling up faster than I can clear it with congratulatory emails from the US-some interview requests and also some very kind donations-thank you very much for those.

Unless my meter is malfunctioning I got over 15,000 hits last night.

I’ve also had extensive coverage in the US blogosphere and and independent radio stations and the UK Spectator.

If I haven’t replied to your email yet-or acknowledged your donation, please don’t be offended.

I’ll be back to you ASAP.

Thank you all

Trevor Loudon


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8 thoughts on “Be Back to You Soon

  1. I was thinking of looking up some of them newspaper websites, but am glad I came here instead. Although glad is not quite the right word… let me just say I needed this after the incessant chatter in the media, and am grateful to you for articulating something many of us are feeling – even from distant shores. Please come visit my site Manitoba Companies when you got time.

  2. September's blog stats will be interesting – I wonder if you will do the unthinkable and de-throne Lord Farrar 😉

  3. Well done Trevor. Someones one can feel like a voice in the wilderness but keeping on at it when you know you are right is vital.

  4. flyover here: The functioning citizens of the USA are starved for the truth. We know something is wrong and have resorted to the internet to try to figure it out. I found you last week and have been relentlessly sharing your web address to anyone of influence that I think might listen. I have received no responses to my emails or tweets from influential leaders, but hope that some have checked you out. Some people in blogs were very grateful to have been given the information. Sorry to contribute to overwhelming your counter. If your information is accurate it needs to be shared. We have been deceived. God bless you.

    You do not need to respond to me….I'm reading every post.

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