Chavez Challenges U.S.

From the latest Green Left Weekly

The official August 12 start of Venezuela’s presidential election campaign has opened a new phase in Washington’s plans to destabilise the revolutionary government headed by socialist President Hugo Chavez.

Officially, the main opposition candidate in the December election is Manuel Rosales, the current governor of the state of Zulia. But the real showdown will be between the unfolding people’s power revolution led by Chavez and the warmongers in the Bush administration, who will resist by any means a further blow to the already shaky empire of US imperialism. With polls showing Chavez a near certainty to win, his supporters have set themselves a bold goal — to secure 10 million votes, up from the nearly 5 million Chavez won last time he faced a ballot.

The US ruling elite fears the worst: a double victory for Venezuela’s “Bolivarian revolution”. Not only could a crushing victory in December deliver Chavez a further mandate to continue to beat back the corporations with his people-first policies, but Venezuela could be successful in obtaining a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council in October.

Having captured the hearts and minds of the world’s oppressed, particularly after the country’s strident opposition to Israel’s wars on Lebanon and Palestine, a growing list of Latin American, Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries are pledging to support Venezuela’s Security Council bid.


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