Socialist Worker Members and Supporters List-Information Required

Below is a list of known members, supporters or “hangarounds” of NZ’s leading Trotskyist organisation, .

Many of those listed may no longer be supporters. Where relevant I include the time period where the named indivuidual was connected to SW.

I am trying to complete a comprehensive list of the organisation’s membership.

If you know of members or supporters I have not named, or have further information on those I have, or think names have been wrongly included, please email me on

SW was formed partly from the old Communist Party of New Zealand (CPNZ), so membership in that organisation is listed.

Affiliations to SW front groups such as the Solidarity Union, Climaction, Residents Action Movement and Venezuela/Aotearoa Solidarity Team are also indicated.

Allison, Percy Retired barber, Auckland. Close to SW, Poverty Action Coalition official. Probable ex CPNZ.

Archer, Don SW Central Committee, Christchurch, meatworker, UNITE volunteer. Ex CPNZ.

Archer, Emma SW supporter, Christchurch, late 90s. Don Archer’s daughter.

Brookes, Grant SW Central Committee, Wellington. Nurses Union activist.

Buchanan, Sandra SW member, Wellington, early ’00s.

Buckley, Tom SW member, Auckland. UNITE union official.

Carolan, Joe SW Central Committee. Involved in Solidarity Union, Climaction, Venezuela/Aotearoa Solidarity Team.

Colyer, David, SW member Christchurch and Auckland.

Crook, Ross SW National Executive, Hamilton, late ’90s. Ex CPNZ.

Dobson, Jan SW supporter, Christchuch, late ’90s. Wife of Don Archer. Probable Ex CPNZ.

Edmond, Fran SW Canterbury University, mid ’90s.

Espinoza, Julia SW member, Auckland. Involved in Solidarity Union, Climaction, Venezuela/Aotearoa Solidarity Team.

Farris, Gordon SW Central Committee, Wellington. Ex CPNZ.

Foley, Roy SW member, Christchurch, early ’00s. Ex CPNZ.

Forbes, Kane SW member Palmerston North and Auckland. Musician, about to depart for Australia.

Fala, Tony SW member, Auckland.

Fowler, Roger Close to SW, director of Mangere East Community Learning Centre (Auckland). Ex CPNZ.

Francois, Natasha SW member, Auckland, early ’00s.

Gardiner, Stewart SW supporter, Auckland, late ’90s.

Glockling, Mitch SW member, Wellington, early ’00s.

Gunson, Vaughn SW Central Committee, polytech lecturer, Whangarei.

Haines, Tony Close to SW, Auckland

Hornfeck, Bernie SW Central Committee, retired Rotorua. UNITE union volunteer. Ex CPNZ.

Hughes, Peter SW Central Committee, Auckland. Ex CPNZ.

Hughes, Robyn Close to SW. Residents Action Movement Aucland Regional Councillor. Partner of Grant Morgan.

Jones, George SW member, retired teacher, Tauranga. Ex CPNZ.

Kelly, Joseph SW, Victoria University, Wellington, early ’00s.

Kemp, Darren SW member, Christchurch and Wellington.

Lawless, Daphne SW Central Committee, Auckland. Musician and editor of SW’s “Unity”.

Lyall, Heather SW member in Auckland and Hamilton. Social worker, partner of Joe Carolan.

Anna Lee close to SW. Teacher and unionist. Wife of Barry Lee. Ex CPNZ.

Lee, Barry SW National Executive, Auckland, late ’90s. Ex CPNZ.

Lee, Sara SW, Auckland university late ’90s. Daughter of Barry and Anna Lee.

Ma’u, Sione SW supporter, Auckland. Was active in Residents Action Movement. Currently, lecturer in USA.

Massey, Nik Close to SW, Auckland, early ’00s. Official Residents Action Movement

Minto, John Close to SW, teacher and columnist, Auckland

Morgan, Grant SW Central Committee, until recently SW General Secretary. Residents Action Movement leader, was a leader of Solidarity Union. Ex CPNZ.

Morris, Geoff SW supporter, Christchurch, late ’90s.

Newton, Maxine SW member, Rotorua, late ’90s.

O’Dea, Jimmy SW member, retired, Auckland. Ex CPNZ.

O’Dea, Kevin SW member, Auckland. driver, son of Jimmy. Ex CPNZ.

O’Dea, Pat SW member, Auckland. electrician and unionist, son of Jimmy. Ex CPNZ.

Parker, Dean Close to SW, writer, Auckland

Parker, Len SW Central Committee, Auckland. retired, Residents Action Movement official. Ex CPNZ.

Potts, Anna SW member, Wellington.

Ramsey, Jemma SW Auckland University, early ’00s. Was model for Residents Action Movement hoardings in 2005

Snelling-Berg, Tony SW Central Committee, Tauranga.

Stanley, Georgina SW Canterbury University, late ’90s.

Stevens, Julie SW member, Christchurch, early ’00s.

Sullivan, Robyn SW Canterbury University, mid ’90s.

Tait, Tahae Close to SW, Rotorua. Works for Blind foundation. Ex CPNZ.

Ward, Maurice SW supporter, Christchuch, mid ’90s. Currently working in Japan. Ex CPNZ.

Webster, Kyle SW member in Dunedin, Christchurch and West Coast. Nurse.

Young, Graeme SW supporter, Christchurch, mid ’90s. Unionist, ex CPNZ.


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20 thoughts on “Socialist Worker Members and Supporters List-Information Required

  1. In the 40 years i have been aware of the issues you continue to labour, I suggest nothing has changed other than the characters beating the drum. I live in the real world and dont have time to waste on things I cannot change.


  2. MAH, Dirk doesn’t have any answer for you.

    He can’t.

    Those who see things from a ‘shades of grey’ point of view live in the safe, comfortable west.

    A jew being lead to the gas chambers would not have the nihilistic ‘world of grey worldview. Similarly to a Kulack in Lenin’s Soviet Union, an ‘intellectual’ in Pot Pot’s Cambodia or a young man with a ‘modern’ haircut in Iran today.

    Such folks don’t have the luxury of such a worldview.They are faced with real evil. And yes it does exist.


  3. “Does this mean you dont agree with me Mah?”

    Of course I don’t. Haven’t you been reading what I have been typing here?

  4. Listen Dirk, a right-wing orientated site known as AfricanCrisis that detailed the rise of Communism in South Africa was hacked by a known hacker group-“Iranian Mafia” openly from Iran, allied with Russia and China.

    You expect me to believe your propaganda/rhetoric when folks like that would love to hack into right-wing/pro-U.S. sites at random? All your rhetoric does is justify their horrible reign, and I am tired of this behavior.

    If the West doesn’t do something first about these folks, they’ll push America and the West into a Red World Order, something you really are not concern about.

    So don’t lecture to me how I should drift into appeasement, go against the arms industry and other sort of means. I’m sorry if Trev feels I am overreacting to this, but I am sick and tired of this.

  5. The fact that the New Zealand based Socialist Workers, which is made up of “former” Communists from the defuncted Communist Party of New Zealand openly align themselves with the genocidal terrorist group-Hamas, to be lectured on why there should be “peace in our time” with these folks, and state how there is no such thing as “good” or “evil”, along with these folks promoting the likes of George Galloway who has openly aligned himself with Hezbollah terrorists, what sort of “moral equivlance” is that to why the West is targeting those who they support?

    Hamas has been known to Nazify the Palestinians into hating Jews, and the Palestinians don’t want to be ruled under Hamas or Fatah, but would rather seek residence in Israel. Hezbollah is a pawn of the PLO and Iran, as its members were trained during the Lebanese Civil War, and has fired rockets behind Lebanese civilian structures and fired upon Israeli citizens.

    The fact that you Dirk (and others) seem to be quite upset with Trev revealing the information on the New Zealand based Socialist Workers Party exposes what sort of nihilistic world you live in as I have stated before. Even when the folks at SWP openly embrace Hamas and align themselves with Galloway and other similar folk.

    So there’s no good and evil when Hamas teaches Palestinians through Mickey Mouse symbols to hate Israeli Jews? Kidnap foreign journalists whose only crime were to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Receiving arms from Egypt and Iran which the Iranian leadership is known to deny the holocaust and embrace Israel’s demise? Apparently having a New Zealand based Socialist Workers group made up of “former” members from the defuncted New Zealand Communist Party which has aligned itself with Hamas as I have stated before seems to be of no concern to you or anyone else.

  6. “Mah all this rhetoric about the evils of Stalin and Hitler is historical stuff. Nobody gives a stuff anymore. The world has moved on. Time has taken its toll on the shock horror impact of past atrocities.”

    Apparently you never heard of Vladimir Putin watering down Stalin’s crimes or stating how Soviet history is “less bleak”? But of course, I live in the world of “black and white”, it’s quite alright for you to promote your nihilistic “world of grey”.

    Don’t tell me how your stance saved lives when this was the same sort of attitude during pre-WWII. Folks seemed to have “moved on” past WWI didn’t they when “isolationist” movements popped up that just “happened” to favor modern totalitarianism, openly or being just their Useful Idiot. How about the rise of those isolationists during post-WWI? They never thought the likes of Adolf Hitler would resurrect the German Empire under the guise of National Socialism.

    How about not determining if Soviet Russia would be a military threat? The same folks never thought about that. Instead, they went after the arms industry after WWI, in a similar manner you’re attacking them now.

    You don’t seem to really care if Putin happens to rushing to defend a dead Soviet dictator-Joseph Stalin and parrot Western Communist parties. You don’t seem to care about Putin arming Iran, Syria, North Korea, Zimbabwe, etc., but “see a moral balance” with any Western nation that does this.

    This was a similar view many isolationists during post-WWI had. They went into promoting “peace in our time” and what not at any cost. Attacked anyone who would promote negative views of let’s say, even the early Adolf Hitler, in a similar manner I see you attempt to scorn the likes of anyone who sees totalitarian political parties/movements with foreign ties to be a threat.

    Look up the likes of Gerald Nye along with other folks who thought in a similar manner of promoting “peace at any cost”. If you believed Bush stepped down tommorrow from being the U.S. President (and even Cheney from being VP), would you be so naive to think the world’s problems would just go away? That Dubya and Dick happen to be a “greater threat” on a “moral equvilance” to what U.S. troops are fighting on the grounds in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    If that’s the case, then it seems the phrase: Those who don’t learn from history’s mistakes, are condemned to repeat it.

    You can not distinguish from “right” and “wrong”, but suggest to others to live in a “world of grey”.

  7. Mah all this rhetoric about the evils of Stalin and Hitler is historical stuff. Nobody gives a stuff anymore. The world has moved on. Time has taken its toll on the shock horror impact of past atrocities.
    War is good for business. The international arms industry isnt interested in good verses evil. its about selling weapons and killing people so people will buy more weapons to kill other people in the interest peace. It dont matter what side you on.
    It aint going to stop because it causes suffering to the masses.
    If you want a good return for your retirment investments, buy bonds in the arms industry.


  8. I wonder if you Dirk would be upset if these folks weren’t Communists but lets say neo-Fascists who admired the late Fascist dictator of Italy-Benito Mussolini. Would you suggest how there is “no comparison” between the Capitalist societies that fought against Fascism as much as Communism?

    How about the likes of Nazism? Would your “world of grey” would be applied to that like it does with Communism? I guess some forms of totalitarianism must be more acceptable in the “world of grey”.

  9. “Mah, like Trevor you are obsessed with seeing the world through black and white eyes. Capitalism verses communism, heaven and hell, Good verses evil. Unforgiving of others beliefs and like George Bush said “You are either with us or against us””

    Please get over with this. When folks promote how “horrible” Capitalism is but blatantly ignore the crimes of Communist inspired regimes, and you don’t give a damn about it, well, that says who really is looking in the world of black and white. I’m sick of this sort of propagandist tactic.

    I guess the crimes of Saddam, the Taliban harboring bin Laden don’t really seem to count to you doesn’t it? You can’t lecture me how I look at the world in “black and white”, when your view is certainly quite grey. I guess in the “world of grey”, the world you live in Dirk, there is no such thing as “evil” or “good”, but in a nihilistic world that doesn’t dare distinguish what’s right and wrong. What kind of a world is that? Where no good deed can be celebrated but only the bad of that person is let out?

    Is there no good deed in giving the Iraqis and the Afghanis in an attempt of giving them a more humane government than before? Being patriotic to your country, your culture and be able to fairly respect and criticize your leaders? Apparently in your nihilistic “world of grey”, no such thing can occur. Like what you state with Bush, “you’re either with us or against us” when it comes to people who see in “black and white” or live in the “world of grey” to which you live in.

  10. Mah, like Trevor you are obsessed with seeing the world through black and white eyes. Capitalism verses communism, heaven and hell, Good verses evil. Unforgiving of others beliefs and like George Bush said “You are either with us or against us”

    In the world I live in I observe all the main protagonists on the world stage as being as bad as each other. All political persuasions have agendas that are both covert and overt and exploit us all in the quest for their ultimate goal. (whatever that may be)

    like Trevor you write screeds and screeds of political diatribe wanting to win us over with your bigoted sincerity. From my point of view you do nothing but chase your tail.

    I looked at and read some of the “Socialist worker” web log highlighted on this post and saw nothing but a mirror image of Trevors site. Its as if two armies are facing each other across a river firing idealogical blanks at each other and the river sweeps all the dross out into the void.

    Do you achieve anything other than preach to the converted? I think not. But i have no interest in stopping you doing it. You guys are a side show in my life. But sometimes its like getting stuck on the ferris wheel.
    I successfully operate my life by treating all sides of the political spectrum as the enemy of the individual. There is good and bad in everybody and everything. The secret is to get the best from both sides and exploit it to my advantage. That others don’t do this is not my concern.

    I suggest many millions more people around the globe will surrender their lives to one cause or another as they chase their chosen utopia and the result will be the same as it is today.

    I applaud your tenacity, but I got better things to do.


  11. Tell me anonymous, do you care about the sort of human rights abuses committed by the Communist Vietnamese regime that propped up once U.S. forces promptly left the region along with establishing other horrible regimes in Cambodia and Laos?

    How about Vietnamese who fled Vietnam now protest the likes of the current Vietnamese Communist dictator who gave a warm bear hug to fellow Communist dictator-Fidel Castro? You think how “horrible” Capitalism must be, but in a Capitalist society like that of the U.S. or other nations in the West, you freely get to blab all you want on promoting your pro-Soviet propaganda.

    Whereas in Communist Vietnam, Cuba or other, you’d go to jail for any negative views about those regimes. Don’t come around and accuse the messanger when he/she exposes a totalitarian agenda from your comrades, when your comrades certainly know how to prop up horrible and dictatorial regimes overseas.

  12. “The rest of the world politely ignores the murderous behaviour of the “Capitalist Puppets of the free World” that is happening as i speak.”

    So I take you can also ignore all the atrocious behavior of the likes of Fidel Castro, the Communist Cuban dictator? How about Vladimir Putin who still sees that Eastern Europe should remain (and even retain) being blocs like the old Cold War? How about Communist China arming the Sudanese regime involved in genocide in Darfur? Helping the likes of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe?

    Care to comment on the horrible crimes of your comrades you so love to defend? You know, the likes of also Hugo Chavez who certainly wants to turn into a Fidel Castro and his mini-mes doing the same dance? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad making statements that deny the holocaust and state that Israel should meet its demise? How about Putin watering down the horrible Stalinist purges?

    All you’re doing is parrotting the likes of the Communist Party USA which also has embraced William Blum (besides also being embraced by Osama bin Laden). You can’t handle it whenever your comrades are exposed for totalitarian leanings, but then have the gall to attack the messenger who exposes them to be “tyrannical”.

  13. Please anonymous, don’t promote this sort of propaganda garbage. I guess it’s okay for the likes of the late Iraqi dictator-Saddam Hussein to retain power and have his brutal reign over the Iraqi people.

    It’s so “thuggish” of President Bush to even attempt to give the Iraqis something more humane than the previous regime. You’re apathy and support for the late brutal dictator Saddam Hussein and even the terrorist insurgency which has killed more Iraqis than U.S./coalition forces ever has is exposed.

    You’re an apologist who would rather support one form of totalitarianism over another. You simply have no problem with listing Bush and company as “thugs”, but then have a problem when your comrades are exposed for having a totalitarian agenda. You’re a hypocrite who would rather allow the man (Saddam) to retain power who supported Hamas, the PLO, harbored the likes of Abu Nidal leader of the Black September terror network and also allow him to cheat the Oil for Food program where millions of Iraqis starved while Saddam happily used the money that was meant for them to build his palaces.

    You’re an apologist for Saddam anonymous as you are upset when your comrades are exposed for promoting totalitarian leanings.

  14. To be honest, I dont get rabid over historical events I have no control over. Neither do I get overly concerned about the tens of thousands of innocent civilians being killed in iraq by George Bush’s hired thugs. The rest of the world politely ignores the murderous behaviour of the “Capitalist Puppets of the free World” that is happening as i speak. Unless its whales of course, but then thats an important issue..

    “Lists” is plural for list Mah. Perhaps you have answered your own question.

  15. “Beware of people bearing lists.”

    So I take you would take the same offense if I devised up a list of neo-Nazis/neo-Fascist leaders plotting to implement a totalitarian agenda, you’re going to have a problem? I guess if they happen to be Communists or adhere to other far left totalitarian ideologies, one form of totalitarianism seems to be better than the next one with you.

  16. Anonymous, why do you always seem to parrot the likes of let’s say the Communist Party USA or likely the local Communist party of New Zealand?

    You pretty much to seem to not care about the crimes of Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong who killed more than 500,000 innocent lives and exceeded that sort of number. Wonder why you don’t complain about the crimes of Stalin and Mao and other Communist inspired tyrants?

    Gee, I wonder how the folks of Eastern Europe feel that the likes of Vladimir Putin still states that Eastern Europe is Russia’s playing ground? How about Putin watering down the Stalinist purges and also the crimes of Ho Chi Minh and other horrible Communist dictators in Southeast Asia?

  17. Get back on the planet anon.

    Can’t see death squads in NZ in the forseeable future.

    These guys should be pleased to become more publicly known.

    After all, as they keep telling us, they’re here to set us free from capitalist slavery.

  18. Are you getting ready to give this list to a kiwi equivalent of Major-General Suharto in the NZ Defence Forces?

    The Indonesian Military in 1965 lacked even basic lists of Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) members so that’s why the CIA had to provide them the lists. Then they went around killing them all. 500,000 to a million people were killed in what the CIA described as being one of the greatest massacres of the 20th Century after the Nazi Holocaust and Stalin’s purges.

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