Greedy Capitalist Bast………?

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Philanthropy is alive and well in the United States according to the latest Giving USA report released on Monday. Charitable giving rose by 6.1 percent to US$260.28 billion in 2005, the highest figure since 2000. The report is published by the Giving USA Foundation and is researched by the Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University. Some interesting points to note on 2005 giving include:

Giving to disaster relief made up around half of the $15 billion increase on the previous year.

Individual giving accounted for 76.5 percent of all estimated giving.
Donations from corporations grew by 22.5 percent (18.5 percent adjusted for inflation) totalling an estimated $13.7 billion.

New Zeal I wonder how Cuba does on the private charity tables?


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6 thoughts on “Greedy Capitalist Bast………?

  1. Well you could say that the aid US gives around the World is propaganda too. Have you noticed that the sacks of rice given to Africans have an American flag on them and say something along the lines of “A gift from the USA”. Looks pretty good in news pictures for the White House.

  2. Cuban doctors are part of Castro’s propaganda machine.

    The literacy programmes that Castro promotes all over the third world (including East Timor and Te Awamutu (Te Wananga o Aotearoa)are Paolo freire based Marxist indoctrination programmes.

    I’m talking genuine individual charity here Byron, not Marxist indoctrination under the guise of foreign aid.

  3. Well I guess the 25,000 doctors that Cuba sent to help the victims of the South Asian Tsunami and the Pakistan earthquake, and the doctors they have working in 68 third world countries are more ‘aid’ than ‘charity’…

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