More on the Marxist/Muslim Alliance

I have posted extensively on the growing Marxist/Muslim alliance.

However nothing beats words from the horse’s mouth.

In the English speaking world, the most active pro-Muslim leftists are affiliates of the Trotskyist International Socialist Tendency. In Britain this means the and their Marxist/Muslim Respect Coalition.

In New Zealand it means .

Joe Carolan is a member of Socialist Worker’s Central Committee and its even more powerful, three person executive committee. Originally from Eire, Carolan has been an activist in his native country, Europe and NZ. He can claim to speak with some authority on Socialist Worker policy and tactics.

I quote from a post on Carolan’s blog, Anticapitaliste from March this year. It is damning. I include some comments of my own.

We also do not see Muslims as victims who need us to represent them. The comrades of Hizbollah and the Lebanese Communist Party fought arm in arm together against the Israeli invasion without our help. They defeated the fifth strongest army in the world. Socialists, however, see it as our international duty to organise protests and solidarity whenever people are under attack. Throughout the Western world, from London to Washington to Auckland , we have been at the centre of building broad, inclusive anti war movements that have helped undermine the support for war.

New Zeal Clear proof that NZ’s Trotskyists support terrorist Hezbollah.

Socialist Worker comrades argued hardest throughout the world for the Muslim community to be centrally involved in these anti war coalitions, against many pure secularists who wanted to marginalise them. These movements claimed the scalp of Aznar in Spain , Berlusconi in Italy, and have seriously damaged both Bush and Blair. Comrades in the Middle East can point to the fact that millions of Westerners marched against war and invasion, thus defeating the myth that this war was a Clash of Civilisations.

New Zeal Aznar, who was favourite to win, was defeated after Muslim terrorists murdered several hundred people in a train bombing. Is this the “scalp” that Carolan seems so proud of?

Berlusconi was defeated by the Socialists and Communists in a razor thin victory. At the time I blogged that the communists were courting the Italian Muslim vote. I speculated that this may have tipped the balance. Does Carolan agree with me?

And it’s not just the socialists of a ‘Eurocentric’ ilk who extended this practical solidarity. The socialist President of revolutionary Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was the only head of state to expel the Israeli ambassador from his country at that time- no Arab or Muslim head of state did anything similar. His image hung beside Hizbollah’s Nisrallah from thousands of lamp posts in Beirut and Southern Lebanon as the cluster bombs fell and the resistance raged. The emergence of the Bolivarian Revolution and the Latin American radical left demolishes the myth that socialism is the preserve of old, European white men. The Socialism of the 21st Century is currently led by a brown, indigenous Latin American from the Global South.

New Zeal Further proof of the love radical Muslims feel for their Marxist-Leninist brothers.

Here in Auckland, socialists such as Kane Forbes helped to form the Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter in Auckland Uni with Zaem Bakesh in the early days of the Intifada in 2000. Our members in the Residents Action Movement (RAM) are currently working with the Muslim community to respond against the despicable Islamphobia of Ian Wishart’s Investigate magazine. We have marched together for Palestine , Lebanon and Iraq, and will be united on the streets if there are any attacks on Iran. We do not look on our Muslim comrades as victims, tokens, demons or others, but our brothers and sisters in the fight for peace and global justice.

New Zeal At the time I exposed the Marxist led attack on Ian Wishart. Carolan is clear. Free NZers face two enemies-radical Islam and radical socialism.

Most focus on the Muslim threat while ignoring the Marxist problem.

We need to wake up to the fact that the Marxists and radical Muslims are working together against us.

We need to confront this reality head on if we are to preserve our freedoms.


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5 thoughts on “More on the Marxist/Muslim Alliance

  1. Joe may be a “great guy” anon, but its his politics I deplore not his personality.

    I didn’t attack any “liberals” anon-I attacked Marxists.

    Before that article I had no contact with Ian Wishart-hopefully that may increase in the future.

  2. joe is a great guy and you teaming up with christian fundy Ian Wishhart to attack nz liberals was funny but sad.

  3. Hezbollah is actually a PLO-front group based in Lebanoon. Much of the “Muslim” militias that were involved in the fightings between Christian militias (also backed by Soviet blocs) worked closely aligned with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) during that time.

    The “Muslism” orientation on Hezbollah is nothing more than a disguise to throw off its affiliation with the PLO. The PLO itself has close relations with various Middle Eastern Communist parties, the Lebanese Communist Party is no acception.

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