Letter to Nandor Tanczos

I have just emailed this letter to Green MP, Nandor Tanczos


Dear Mr Tanczos

As a leading contender for the Green Party male co-leadership race, you have recently called for the Green Party to ditch its left wing image. According to a recent Herald article by Vernon Small, your “main pitch has been to lead the party out of the shadow of Labour and establish itself as a third force.” According to Vernon Small, your latest latest paper, posted on the party’s members-only forum, explains “why the Greens are not a left-wing party”.

On Morning Report yesterday, I heard you say that the Greens should be “neither left nor right, but out in front”.

All this makes good sense, but Mr Tanczos, you have some problems here with several of your colleagues.

One aspect of this is the involvement of several high ranking Green Party members in the Wellsford based Kotare Education and Research Trust, or Kotare School.

No doubt you are aware of the school, Mr Tanczos. Kotare openly runs classes
in Paolo Freire based Marxism, for activists as young as 14 years old. Your own former youth MP, John Darroch has even spoken to a yong audience there.

Prominent Green Party members involved in the Kotare School include;

Sue Berman A current Kotare trustee. Ms Berman is also co-convenor of the Greater Auckland Green Party

Bill Bradford An original trustee of Kotare in 1995. In 2002, Mr Bradford was Northern area executive networker for the Green Party.

Sue Bradford Your parliamentary colleague has been a trustee of Kotare since its foundation and lists involvement in Kotare as one of her community activities on the Green Party website.

Karen Davis A current Kotare Trustee. Ms Davis has been Policy co-convenor of the Green Party and is now Party co-convenor (the equivalent of Party co-President).

Catherine Delahunty Kotare’s education co-ordinator. Ms Delahunty was number nine on your party list in 2005 and has held several important Green Party posts including Auckland Campaign Manager, 1999 election, Auckland co-convenor 2000-2002, East Coast candidate 2002, electorate contact East Coast 2002- 2004, Female National co-convenor (2002- 2004), convenor Strategic Plan group (2002-2004).

Gordon Jackman A current Kotare trustee. In 2002, Mr Jackman stepped down as Chair of Greenpeace NZ. This was to avoid “conflict of interest” as he had been asked to assist the Green Party in its negotiations with the Labour Party following that year’s election.

I’m sure you will agree, Mr Tanczos that it will hard to honestly shed the Green Party’s left wing image when several of your most senior party members are running a taxpayer funded, Marxist training “school”.

I’m assuming you wish to alter the character of the Green Party, rather than just its image. Therefore I have some questions for you?

A Do you think it is appropriate for senior Green Party officials to be involved in running, or teaching at, a Marxist training school?

B Do you think it is appropriate for senior Green Party officials to be involved in running a taxpayer funded, Marxist training school that “teaches” 14-17 year old children?

C Would you use your position as Green Party co-leader to take action to cut all links (direct or indirect) between the Green Party and the Kotare Research and Education Trust, or any of its subsidiaries?

I look forward to to your reply.

Yours Faithfully

Trevor Loudon


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1 thought on “Letter to Nandor Tanczos

  1. Far OUT!

    I thought EVERYBODY KNEW that marxism was just a retarded, misguided version of capitalism??

    The Key to Marxism was that 1). the workers control procuction & 2). that things are valued by how much effort is put into it, not by how much it is wanted!

    The first point is fine – but people generally don’t want to be exposed to long periods on zero income – as happens to “business owners” – they opt for fixed salaries for security.

    The second point is retarded. You build a chair from wood. I build a chair from wood. I take 3 days, you take 3 weeks. It is therefore more valuable to have YOU making the chairs for all of us. PLEASE!

    And of coures we could all go on.

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