Bad Move by Helen Clark?

David Farrar at KiwiBlog laments the appalling decision of Prime Minister Clark to weigh into the debate on Mercury Energy and the death of Folole Muliaga.

I was really pleased with most of the reaction to the halt the lynch mob post, as posters from all over the political spectrum seemed to agree that the issue of the tragic death wasn’t quite the simple story the media first suggested it was of a power contractor seeing a woman on a life support machine and cutting the power off and walking out the door as she died. It turns out it wasn’t a life support machine, and the facts of whether the contractor was aware are in dispute.

The death is being investigated by the Police as a possible homicide, and there are two other inquiries into the tragic death. But none of this has stopped the PM from declaring not only is Mercury all to blame, but instructing them to stop defending themselves.

Shit who needs the Police, who needs the Coroner, who needs the facts. All we need is a PM behind in the polls who desperately wants to appears strong.

This was the latest of a number of bad moves by Helen Clark.

Formerly she seemed near invincible, able to shrug off scandal and attack with Clintonesque ease.

Is the Dark Lord about to call in a debt?


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4 thoughts on “Bad Move by Helen Clark?

  1. Think Helen is politicing in the absence of Tito Philip Feild.
    Its the ballot box at work. The Samoan community is ripe for plucking on this one.


  2. Trevor used “someone’s” death to springboard into his reflex, as reflexive as having a shit – attacking “socialists” – straight off.

    While mouthing the weasel words “We don’t know the facts yet”.

    I say weasel words, when they’re actually not and I never thought they were – it was utterly true and I said the same. Please acknowledge Trev.

    But you still used the moment to attack, just like the crazy lefties. Both you and them not knowing… that time…..although I do now wonder about the change in the Mercury tune…..? Piss bargain aye ? – hold out for $168.40 – “buy off” for $10K. Bad Monopoly ! Though it ain’t over yet. (I laud the leadership of the Right Honourable H.E. Clark on this one).

    So there he was, the cat with the cream all over his face – pointing the paw at the other cats.

    Well, Bloody Dishonest !

    Not unlike the “perkbusting” of yore from Rodney Of The Dance – until he went on the most sumptiously expensive ever Speaker’s Tour Of The World with that interesting old fulla Jonathon Hunt.

  3. Its thanks to Trevor’s posts that I have been able to cut through the media/political hype and gain some degree of objecivity in what has become an exercise in cheap melodramatics.

    How often has someones death been used as a springboard for other issues?

    While i agree with Mah that the courts should decide the guilt or innocence of the main players, I feel the court of public opinion has already been told who is the winner in this game of charades.

    More power to your pen Trevor.


  4. Use the court system in this issue. That’s the most likely scenario I would support. Let the court system be involved in this.

    Not some radical group that gives an unfair label to Mercury Energy or pressuring a branch of a government that is not suppose to look into this to look into this episode.

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