100,000 Socialists March Against G8 Summit

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Tens of thousands of socialists and anarchists have converged on Rostock, Germany to protest against the G8 Summit.

Most of them don’t know what they’re for, but some vaguely understand what they’re against.


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11 thoughts on “100,000 Socialists March Against G8 Summit

  1. Very wise of them – taking the lesson from Mayor Daley no doubt.

    We need to ask this: who always has the tear gas in copious supply ? Well, the gentle, God- fearing democrats of course. Can’t have their “wankfest” spoiled !

    Especially when the war criminal Maxwell (The Chickenhawk) Smart’s doing a cameo. In a silly chemise.

    Any way, in text and regsitration plate lingo it’s called the “GR8” Summit.

    Notable how those who have the “power” will allow “protest” as long as it’s not “unlawful”.

    Verwoed and the neo-Nazis of Suid Afrique who succeeded him said the same thing.

    Flaw in that line is that what was “unlawful” was defined by Verwoed and those succeeding neo-Nazis. Som it was nothing more than this in reality: “Oppose me, however murderous and corrupt I may be – at your peril !”

    I’ll righteously deal to you for your “lawlessness” !

    Sad how right-wingers try to “own” the concept of rule of law while at the same time raping the spirit of it.

    Hurrah for Rosa Parks ! “Lawless” thing ! You don’t like her aye Trev ? Says it all about you.

    That’s why respect is difficult.

  2. Germany adopts Stasi scent tactic

    Sniffer dogs can use the collected odours to pick out individuals
    The German authorities are compiling a database of human scents to track down possible violent protesters at the G8 summit in June.

    The method, once used by East Germany’s secret police, the Stasi, involves collecting scent samples in advance from selected targets.

    The scents are then passed to police equipped with sniffer dogs who can pick the individuals out amid a crowd.

    Past G8 summits have suffered serious unrest, which Germany is keen to avoid.

    A state that adopts the methods of the East German Stasi, robs itself of every… legitimacy
    Petra Pau, opposition politician

    The Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, has defended the authorities’ decision to use scent tracking, saying it is a useful tool to identify suspects.

    A spokesman for the federal prosecutor has confirmed that samples of smell were gathered from five people who were detained during recent police raids.

    Stasi odour sample jars
    Odour sample jars are now on display at the Stasi museum
    It is understood the suspects were made to hold metal pipes in their hands and the samples of smell were kept by police.

    Investigators using sniffer dogs were able to compare the scent samples with traces left at the scene of more than a dozen arson attacks which are believed to be linked to anti-globalisation activists.

    The deputy speaker of parliament, Wolfgang Thierse, warned the authorities not to use techniques which could lead to a police state like the former Communist regime.

    And Petra Pau, a politician from the opposition Left Party, described the move “as another step away from a democratic state of law toward a preventive security state”.

    “A state that adopts the methods of the East German Stasi, robs itself of every… legitimacy,” she said in a statement.

    Keeping tabs

    The Ministry for State Security, known as the Stasi, which acted as East Germany’s secret police and intelligence agency throughout the Cold War, used odour recognition to keep tabs on potential dissidents.

    G8 protesters in Genoa
    Germany is keen to avoid the kind of unrest seen at past summits
    They often collected the samples surreptitiously – breaking into homes to steal suspects’ underwear, or by wiping down chairs used during interrogations.

    The samples were then stored in glass jars, each carefully labelled with details of whom the sample came from. Some of the jars are now on display at the Stasi museum in Berlin.

    The meeting of leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) most industrialised nations is due to take place from 6-8 June.

    As the current holders of the G8 presidency, Germany is playing host to the summit, which is being held in the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm.

    Past summits have been targeted by thousands of anti-globalisation activists and protests have often turned violent.

  3. Perhaps most of them (who travelled there for this no doubt) could ask the residents, who didn’t live under capitalism 18 years ago. Perhaps they could ask how life was like knowing the Stasi was probably watching them, knowing that listening or watching foreign broadcasts was a crime. Perhaps they could ask what it was like to live under a system where if you were under suspicion, your job, your reputation, your home would all be under threat – because someone spotted you talking to someone suspicious or reading something unapproved.

    Imagine if people had flown swastikas in this city 18 years after the war.

  4. I suppose the sign “Make Capitalism History” doesn’t include how Socialism is a globalist ideology, really to be used to out-globalize Capitalism. Gee, I thought these folks were against globalization? Only if the globalization is going to favor socialism then say zip about it.

  5. “Most of them don’t know what they’re for, but some vaguely understand what they’re against.”

    What a patronising and arrogant statement that is.

  6. Steve, are you going to ignore these reports Steve? Protesters can protest if they only remain peaceful. I also do not see you Steve going about and condemning any protesters who misuse that right when they provoke police when they throw various rocks and cocktails at the police to provoke police to go after them.

    But I kind of take you would ignore any negative reports about these protesters that do misuse the rights of free societies. With folks like you who cowardly sit behind a computer and make threats toward others, one can only imagine why you would ignore those reports.

  7. The police raided a “house” and explosives were found ?

    Damn ! I did warn that careless Guy Fawkes……I said “Guy, you gonna get radical with your fine designs for the “house” of parliament at Westminster……well, you better account for those sniffer dogs.

    Stupid, knows it all little terrorist that Guy. Just will not listen to His Daddy !

    By Crikey – this could change third grade history lessons forever !

  8. One can not just take into an account of how “al-Qaeda” could be responsible for a major terrorist attack. If you look at the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party’s profile on wiki Trev, you would notice that a “former” member of the Red Army Faction, a notorious KGB-PLO trained group was responsible for a wave of violence during the Cold War.

    And get this, the NDP supports the Iranian President for his anti-Israel statements. Now just how close far left ideologies (i.e. socialism, Communism) and Nazism really are.

  9. There are also threats made by neo-Nazis that are involved in the marches, and also not long ago, when German police raided a house, explosives were found.

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