Marxism 2007-The Workers Party Plots Revolution

If you’re into third world Maoism, burning the NZ flag and slagging off capitalism, here’s a great way to spend Queen’s Birthday weekend.

New Zealand’s largest Marxist-Leninist organisation, the Worker’s Party is holding its annual conference at the Ellen Melville Hall, downtown Auckland. The itinerary includes speakers from NZ, Australia, the UK and Philippines

Friday June 1

6pm Relevance of Marxism Today (panel of speakers)
Working Class, Oppressed Minorities and Marxism – Phil Ferguson, Workers Party, history lecturer

Understanding Economics – Tim Bowron, Workers Party, student and National Distribution Union (NDU) supermarket activist

Socialism and Environment – Willa Bermingham, Workers Party, planner; resource management

7pm Blitz union organising against aggressive employers – Kevin Aitkin, blitz organiser for unions

8pm People’s Resistance in the Philippines – Dennis Maga, KMU (May 1st Union Movement) Philippines

Saturday June 2

10am Workers’ Struggle in New Zealand (panel)
Lessons of the Progressive Lockout – Mark Muller, Workers Party and NDU organiser at Progressive Enterprises in Auckland

Consolidating the SuperSizeMyPay fastfood workers campaign – Tom Buckley, Socialist Worker and Unite quick service industry organiser

11am Women under Capitalism (panel)
Women in NZ – the stats – Jasmine Freemantle, Workers Party, Women’s and Gender Studies, assistant lecturer

Mobilising Working Women – Daphna Whitmore, Workers Party, Unite hotels organiser

1pm Approaches to Building a Socialist Movement/Party in Australia (panel)
Anthony Main – Socialist Party Australia and Melbourne Unite

Coral Wynter – Democratic Socialist Perspective

2.30pm The Problem with the Parliamentary Parties (panel)
Labour and National: the closeness of policy – Bryce Edwards, Workers Party, political science lecturer

The Greens and Maori Parties: Are they progressive? – Nick Kelly, Workers Party, bus driver

4pm Elections and Revolutionary Parties: Recent Local and International Experience – Jared Phillips, Workers Party, Unite organiser

Sunday June 3

1pm Resisting Imperialism (panel)
The Workers’ Movement in Iraq – Workers Party speaker

New Zealand State out of the South Pacific and Afghanistan now! – Paul Hopkinson, Workers Party, school teacher

3pm Venezuela and the Question of Revolutionary Transition – Mike Treen, Unite national director, Coral Wynter, Australian socialist who spent a year in Venezuela

4pm Taking Liberties: the Strong State in the UK – Mike Kay (aka Kyriazapoulos), Workers Party, former postal worker in UK

5pm Discussion on Revolutionary Internationalism – Conference speakers from Australia and New Zealand will discuss the effectiveness of international tendency groupings in the fight against imperialism and capitalism

New Zeal Some advertised schedules have also featured Don Carson of the Wellington Palestine group and Omar Hamed of Students for Justice in Palestine.


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8 thoughts on “Marxism 2007-The Workers Party Plots Revolution

  1. Thanks anon. I thought they’d get more than that. My advertising clearly didn’t help that much.

  2. turnout was about thirty to forty. heard that the chairs of the meetings clipped off all speakers from other groups. Not a very welcoming atmosphere.

  3. I was at the conference the other night. At supper time they had a very nice cake with white lemon icing on offer. Very good stuff. Was worth turning up for.

  4. Yes anon, clearly the Workers Party is getting serious about improving its links to local and international socialists.

  5. interesting that Socialist Worker are speaking at a WP confereence for the first time- could this have something to do with a thawing in relationships between the two hard left groups?

  6. I’m pretty sure that if International ANSWER has a chapter in New Zealand, the New Zealand Workers’ Party would likely be the ones in charge of ANSWER’s protest operations.

  7. No surprise about these Workers Parties (plural) throughout the globe are advocating Soviet-style revolutions. America has got its problem with its own Workers World Party where it has many front groups exposed. International Action Center, International ANSWER just to name a few of its most popular fronts.

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