Greetings Nats-From the Communist Party of China

Don Brash got up to address 300 people at dinner at the National Party Northern Regional Conference at the Waipuna Centre last night.

How did he open? Just back from Asia, Mr Brash passed on greetings to the conference from the Communist Party of China.

He went on to add that the Communist Party “wants to work more closely with the National Party

Then he surmised, that the Chinese Communist Party seemed closer to some “other parties” than it was to Labour.

Mr Brash was clearly being a little tongue in cheek here, by implying that Labour was to the left of the CPC. Inadvertently though Mr Brash was making a comment on his own National Party.

Is this an association of which the national Party should be proud?


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3 thoughts on “Greetings Nats-From the Communist Party of China

  1. Maybe ACT people shouldn’t attend National Party dinners if they find Brash’s comments upsetting?

  2. oh no the evil communist party quick tell me all about mr brash and all his commie friends, oh my gosh this means that the right has been infiltrated! what to do? i know lets blog!

  3. Oh we’ve been getting visist from them for ages. It is unusual for such visits tend to be via your ideological bedmates in other countries. ie UK Tories visit NZ Nats and UK Labour visit NZ Labour.

    Every so often hints would be dropped that perhaps they would rather have Labour arrange their visits (as usually a lot of work involved in arranging two days of meetings) but they basically said that they always found the Nats to be far more efficient at arranging visits and prefer to go through us 🙂

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