Who Loves Ya, Danny Ortega?

The Sandinistas are back in power in Nicaragua and Daniel Ortega has returned to the presidency. But we are told, Ortega has mellowed, he is no longer a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary. The Sandinistas have gone soft. Now they’re just a bunch of social democrats who want to do the best by their country.

Once Upon a Time in the West has posted some comments, translated from Spanish from RedGlobe, and other sources that make interesting, if convoluted reading.

Cuban President Fidel Castro congratulated Daniel Ortega: “the huge full from joy to our town and simultaneously full Sandinista victory from oprobio to the terrorist and genocidal government of the United States. For that reason as much you as the heroic town of Nicaragua they deserve the warmest congratulation.”

The Sandinista digital magazine “the Voice of the Sandinismo” responded dedicating the victory to the Cuban Commander-in-Chief: “This electoral triumph, dear Fidel, is the gift of the Sandinistas…Thanks in addition, Fidel, by the thousands of scholars who could and can study in Cuba. By the patients who were and are taken care of, men, women and children in Cuba….Because You know that Daniel is of whom they do not change nor they will change. It will die being Revolutionary!”

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez said “We are very happy, brother. My congratulations to you and all the Sandinista Front….The Sandinista Revolution lives! The alive free Nicaragua! Alive Daniel Ortega

Under the title “Latin America it woke up, shakes Imperialism”, the Communist Youth of Venezuela sent these encouraging words “The Communist Youth of Venezuela expresses its joy by the triumph of the FSLN in Nicaragua, important victory of the Latin American town, which has undergone the disastrous effects of Capitalism in its neoliberal phase….”

The Communist Party of Spain (PCE) joyfully stated “From the PCE we are convinced that the Sandinista victory makes possible the social and economic recovery of a nation punished by Governments of the Right for more than one decade…your triumph is also a triumph of the popular forces of all Latin America that from Brazil to Mexico are advancing…”

The translation may be a little loose, but the messages are clear. The commies still love the Sandinistas and the Sandinistas still love the commies.


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14 thoughts on “Who Loves Ya, Danny Ortega?

  1. Either way you are dead, right? Died at the hands of Saddam or one of his sons, or in your house when a bomb dropped by the US Air Force wipes you out. The end result is the same. They are both as bad as each other.

    And I thought the woodchipper thing never got proven?

  2. The freedom not to get fed into a woodchipper, or get gassed or tourtued by Saddam’s goons anon?

    Is that the sort of freedon you are talking of?


  3. I talk about Marxist-Leninists and socialists because their values are opposte mine and I see them as the biggest threat to my freedom.

    That doesn’t in any way imply that I view everyone else as angels.

    It’s an old lefty trick anon, to excuse socialist crimes, by pointing out the alleged crimes of their opposition, whether relevant or not.

    I will continue to point out the deficiencies of the left, an occupation that could soak up infinite time if I was to let it.

    If you want to poke sticks at what you percieve as the “right”, why don’t you start your own blog?

    Call it “Fighting for Slavery” or “Freedom Sucks” or something like that.

  4. You only criticise bad leftist governments. You’re very selective in your criticism. There are plenty of bad governments that claim to be of the right. You give them a free pass.

  5. Anon. If I criticised every bad government on the planet, I’d never sleep. Most bad governments just effect the country they wreck and are the business of those who suffer under them.

    Marxist-Leninist like the Sandinista’s view their own country as merely a stepping stone to a socialist world, therefore they are indirectly, a threat to my freedom.

    M-Lism is an expansionist, destructive doctrine that injures all.

    That’s why I criticise it anon. Comprende?

  6. I have re-read it, and the conclusion I draw is that Trevor can’t write anything good about Nicaragua’s previous govt. That is obvious. For some reason, he has never criticised the previous Nicaraguan government, yet is compelled to criticise the Sandinistas, who have been in power for mere days. It’s a little hard to work out why, but there you go.

  7. If you are critical of the Sandinistas, perhaps you could take a minute or two (it won’t take long) to write about how well the country had been doing under the previous government. Thanks.

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