Pakistani Revolutionaries Exploit Assassination

The West blames Al Qaeda for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

In Pakistan, the Trotskyists who have infiltrated the late Ms Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party are blaming the Pakistani power elite.

They are using the tragedy to stir up revolution.

The Trotskyists have been widely circulating this pamphlet in Pakistan.

We depart lessening the journey of pain

This is a Class War

All the people and state institutions involved in the cold-blooded killing of Benazir Bhutto should be severely punished and hanged till death. She had pointed names of her assassins before coming to Pakistan in a press conference in which she accused Perveiz Elahi (then chief minister of Punjab), Ejaz Shah (Director of Intelligence Bureau), Arbab Ghulam Rahim (then chief minister of Sindh) and Gen.(retd.) Hameed Gul (former Director ISI). These all should be immediately arrested and brought to justice.

Free and Fair General Elections should be held on 8th Jan. after removing Musharraf and current right wing government.

Peoples Party should participate in these elections in an agitation and resistance campaign on the of Chairman Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
The PPP government formed by the movement and vote of people should carry out the socialist program and take the true revenge of its leaders, youth and workers by ending the cruel capitalist system, its cruel institutions, imperialist hegemony, and religious terrorism.

In every locality, factory, school, college, village and district level resistance and agitation committees should be formed. These committees should speed up the revolutionary campaign against these slaughterer rulers and their brutal state and its institutions and make sure their defeat by a revolutionary victory.

To press forward for these demands party should call for a one day General Strike that will force the rulers to bend on their knees. So that price hike, unemployment and exploitation could end through a socialist revolution. Health, Education and all other facilities should be provided to toiling masses free of cost and of high standard. So that mankind could get freedom.

Sorrow this night has given
Sorrow that has become the belief of a dawn
Belief that is superior to sorrow
Dawn that is greater than night


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