ACT Top 12

ACT released its party list today. I was pretty impressed, though surprised by a couple of ommissions.

Here’s my view of the top 12.

Rodney Hide
Heather Roy
Sir Roger Douglas
John Boscawen

All logical, all well deserved, all effective campaigners, hard workers and good communicators. That is a great top four. I wasn’t sure if John would stand, but I’m mighty glad he has.

To Be Announced

I have a few suspicions here, all of them good potential vote pullers.

Hilary Calvert
Peter Tashkoff
John Ormond

Hillary is a very good choice. A Dunedin lawyer, Hillary has been around since the early days and has stood for ACT several times before. She’s smart, down to earth and very, very principled.

Peter Tashkoff, I have never met.

Great to see Johnny Ormond back in the battle. A Hawke’s Bay farmer, Johnny was the ACT VP before me and is excellent to work with. Johnny’s in it for the principles and is a real “democrat” in the true sense of the word. Chuffed to see him up there.

Colin du Plessis
Shawn Tan

Colin and Shawn, I don’t know at all. Both part of a comparitively recent influx to ACT. Colin from National and Shawn, I believe, from the Greens.

Ron Scott
Aaron Keown

Ron I know a little and have every confidence in. He’s been active in Tauranga local body politics and has been a big asset on the ACT board.

Aaron is bloody great. he is new to ACT, but has been very active in Christchurch local body politics. I’ve worked with Aaron for the last few months and have been greatly impressed. He’s an entertainer by trade and is a great speaker. He’s a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and is soooo passionate about his beliefs. I think he will prove himself in this campaign and easily pull a top eight spot next time.

I was very surprised that Lindsay Mitchell wasn’t in the top 10 and disappointed that Muriel Newman is nowhere to be seen.

Overall though, I think this list will serve ACT and the country very well.


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8 thoughts on “ACT Top 12

  1. or raises questions about someone joining the EPMUs class enemy.. the employer party – neo liberal ACT party.

    so ACT now has a commie in it eh Trev? prob a ‘terrorist sympathizer’ – therefore ACT supports ‘terrorism’.. just following your usual ‘logic’.

  2. Aye Zarchoff. The uproar over Shawn Tan’s proposed sacking from the Engineers union is hilarious. Exposes them for the petty fascists they actually are.

  3. Trevor, I have to laugh. First ACT gets criticised for rolling out the same old faces like Roger Douglas. Then, when they inject some new faces, (only 3 of the top 10 I might add) everyone gets upset because some of the old faces missed out.

    Put it this way, an ex-Green ex-unionist, Asian campaigining in Mt Roskill for ACT is a little bit more exciting than the same face campaigning in the same electorate for the umpteenth time!!!

  4. well, i wouldn’t be surprised if Shawn starts pushing some kind of libertarian socialist agenda within the Act Party. this guy has gone through too much and is still too closely tied to extremist rabble too have forsaken all of his sympathies for unions, commies, october 15 arrestees and greenies.

  5. wtf? Shawn works for the biggest private sector union i the country, has been a green party and has had very, very close political and personal ties with a large portion of auckland’s extremist left for a long time.

    His facebook page lists his favourite books as anything by the marxist-leninist, communist Slavoj Zizek.

    And your going after the Green Party for having reds in the party??????

    people in glass houses and all that.

  6. Overall though, I think this list will serve ACT and the country very well.

    Ditto. But there’s a few of us would like to see a few liberty bombs fired out off head office to remind us we’ve still got them and are willing to use them.

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