The US Congressional Progressive Caucus commands the loyalty of 30% of the US Congress and since the mid term elections, two members of the Senate, Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown.

CPC members, all Democrats, except independent Saunders, hold many important Congressional positions including Speaker of the House and the chairmanship of at least ten Congressional Committees.

The CPC is allied to the Democratic Socialists of America and the extreme left, Institute for Policy Studies and is supported by the Communist Party USA.

Allied to and overlapping with the extreme left, Black Congressional Caucus, the CPC is likely to have a major impact on US foreign and domestic policy in the near future.

Should the Democrats win the Presidency in 2008, that influence will likely be even greater.

Over the next few days I will profile some of the Socialists In Congress or Senate-or S.I.C.O.S.


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