Learn Spanish for Fun and Propaganda

Like Paul Bruce, Julie Webb-Pullman and Jen Bell, Jorge Herrera (or Hererra)is a member of the Wellington based Latin American Solidarity Committee.

Originally from Mexico, Mr Herrera is also a Spanish teacher at the Wellington Worker’s Educational Association.

Here’s a little about Mr Herrera’s WEA Spanish course;

Tutor Jorge Herrera.
Venue, Centre for Global Action.

Immersion – Mexican History and Language
Intermediate course conducted in simple Spanish. Participants will learn about the colonisation of Mexico as an example of the history of Latin America, while at the same time improving their language.

Immersion – The Zapatistas
Intermediate level. The inspirational struggle of the Zapatista revolution provides an excellent backdrop for learning language.

Immersion – Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
Combines language-learning with a glimpse into the many fascinating and diverse worlds of the indigenous peoples of ‘the Americas’.

Immersion – Latin American Politics
Many countries in Latin America (and/or the peoples within them) are standing up against US imperialism. An opportunity to engage with political Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish in order to travel to a Zapatista “Encuentro” or , Mr Herrera is the man to see.


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10 thoughts on “Learn Spanish for Fun and Propaganda

  1. I can’t beleive what I have just read from ‘anonymous’. By accident I stumbled across this blog, and discovered reference to this chap.I thought I was the only person who had heard of this misfit poor social behaviour. What the above comment doesn’t mention is that if JH does not get what he wants or he is challenged he can become abusive as well as violent -to both males and females. At least this is the reputation I believe he has, but he hides it well under his fascade of charm. Careful folks, if you chose to take ‘lessons’ off him. I live on the Kapiti Coast and tell all those that are considering his ‘lessons’ to err on the side of caution. He professes to know something about the indiginous people of Latin America, but it rarely gets any further than an irrational rant about the USA

  2. From reputation I suggest anyone who has contact with Senor Herrera to take a lot of care. If you have any money at all he will winkle it out of you. If you are female he will attempt to charm you between the sheets. If you want to learn spanish, he is not a teacher and he is notoriously badly organised and unreliable. You have been warned. He is subtle, self pitying and ‘charming’ in his approach so you will hardly know that he is achieving his reputation.

  3. Fortunately, most of us (outside of the U.S., it seems) don’t find it that difficult to learn more than one language.

  4. anonymous said “All languages are indigenous to somewhere and someone.”

    Agreed. And the most useful language in the 21st century is English. It is the lingua franca of technology and international business. Whether you are a Chinese engineer, Israeli computer programmer or German manufacturer the language you must know is English. All other languages have become secondary or useless outside of very provincial poverty confines.

  5. Not so anon.

    I support anti Castro struggles in Cuba, anti Vhavez struggles in venezuela and the breakaway provinces movement in Bolivia.

  6. are you anti spanish as well as anti indigenous trev? seems theres not a single article by you supporting anything that south american people do.

    do you support the dictatorships that they have suffered under?

  7. Let me get this traight. Jorge Herrera teaches Spanish, the language of the imperialist Mexican oppressors of the Chiapas people. Why doesn’t he teach the indigenous language of the Chiapas people? Isn’t that part of the program for indigenous rights and sovereignty? If the leftist supporters of the Chiapas people don’t learn their indigenous language instead of Spanish aren’t they acknowledging and tacitly accepting Mexican cultural imperialism?

    The reality is even leftists realize that indigenous languages have little value outside of social clubs in the 21st century.

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