China Fosters Relationships With Young Maori

The communist front New Zealand China Friendship Society, has started sending young Maori to China.

Working in conjunction with several total immersion Maori schools, six young Maori and their teachers travelled to China from 10th December 2007, returning on January 2nd.

The trip was part of the NZ China Society’s Te Whanau project.

Although both send text messages, and enjoy the same music and movies, students in Beijing and Kura kaupapa students in Aotearoa grow up in different worlds. Virtually all Beijing teenagers are from one-child families. (Immersion in Maori families is going to be interesting – Ed) Six kura kaupapa students — three boys and three girls – visit the Xuanwu Foreign Language Experimental School in Beijing during December and January…

They record video diaries of their experience in Maori. Video diaries by young Maori, for young Maori, in the language of young Maori. The students shoot the diaries under the supervision of professional Maori language director Mahanga Pihama…

Teacher Hinurewa Poutu who has supervised the students NCEA Level 3 media studies throughout 2007, accompanies them to Beijing. She also acts as Te Reo Consultant. Mahanga and Hinurewa will supervise the students when they post-produce their diaries in Auckland in January…

An appreciation of China and Chinese culture is increasingly important for young Maori. China is eager to establish links with young people in New Zealand….

The China Association for Friendship with Foreign Peoples, a government agency, has arranged for Xuanwu School visit to host the students and will continue their interest in the welfare of the students during their stay.

The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is a tool of the ruling Communist Party. It was;

Founded in May 1954, this organization’s sole purpose is the promotion of friendship and mutual understanding between the Chinese people and other peoples throughout the world. Representing the Chinese people, it makes contacts and promotes exchanges with friendly organizations and people all over the globe. This work allows it to serve as a link in the friendly relations between the Chinese people and the people of the rest of the world.

One of the tour organisors was Toni Waho, principal of Palmerston North’s Mana Tamariki total immersion school and father of Hinurewa Poutu.


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