Potaua Biasiny-Tule, a Good Man Gone Astray

New Zealand’s universities today, are full of idealist young Maori, many, the first in their family to enjoy a Tertiary Education. Unfortunately a culture of Marxism and Maori Nationalism leads many down the wrong road. All our universities are riddled with Marxist academics who see it as their revolutionary duty to “educate” young Maori in seperatist and socialist beliefs. While much of the pakeha world is leaving socialism behind, many educated young Maori are embracing it.

Potaua Biasiny-Tule is a classic example of a family loving, all round nice guy led down a socialist blind alley, by the prevalent culture in the NZ Tertiary Education system.

Rio Tule, as he was known then, was active at Waikato University in the mid ’90s. He was involved in Students of Waikato Environment Teamt (SWET), a radical green group linked to the Maoist leaning Aotearoa Youth Network.

In 1995, Tule was active in support of the Maori occupation of Motua Gardens in Wanganui.

By 1997 he was at Canterbury University serving as publicity officer, for the local Maori students group, Te Akatoki.

Pule met his wife at Canterbury, a Puerto Rican of Dutch descent and was henceforth known as Biasiny-Tule.

Starting in 1997 and carrying on until 2002, Biasiny-Tule became involved with the semi-annual “Activism in Aotearoa” gatherings. Organised by the Aotearoa Youth Network, Peace Movement Aotearoa and other radical groups, these meetings were designed to school young activists in everything from building “bugging” equipment to banner making, “de-colonisation”, sexual activism, peace activism and women’s activism.

Katie Bradford, daughter of Green MP, Sue Bradford describes, in “Common Ground”, May 1997 a “Great Debate”, facilitated by peace activist, Edwina Hughes, who “had the joyous task of controlling Marxists, Anarchists, Trots…and the odd feminist.”

At the 1997 AIA, Biasiny-Tule ran a session on “de-colonisation” with Norman Uy Carnay of the Asian Students Association. Uy Carnay came to the ASA from the League of Filipino Students, a well known front for the Maoist, Communist Party of the Philippines.

Biasiny-Tule spoke at the 1998 AIA on the MAI Agreement-which later collapsed “I was happy when those capitalists couldn’t agree on their own greed…”

In 2002 Biasiny-Tule started Rangkainga Indigenous Media Network
because “although there was much online discussion on topical issues relevant to Mäori communities there was little in the way of a Mäori relevant newsletter that was delivered to people at regular intervals.”

In May this year, he used it to explain his political development.

Now, part of me has always been opposed to the capitalist system – maybe it was because I loved to sit and listen to my koroua and uncles talk about Marxist Economic Theory, Maori communal marketing and how the West was corrupt, and so too their economic framework. Or perhaps it was that we were a poor, working class family with barely enough to make ends meet. When the left imploded in the mid-80’s, no one felt that hit more than our whanau. It was like our entire world was being crushed…

When I attended university some years later, I felt a natural affinity with the politics of the left, the movements of the working people. I would sit in smoked filled rooms discussing radical economic theories throughout history, listening to the words of freedom fighters like Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, Tupua Tamasese and Angela Davis, talking about the economic theories of Engels, Marx, and muttering over Noam Chomsky’s latest musings.

All of this reinforced my belief that capitalism was inherently bad, that purveyors of capitalism sold out every day to make a sale, and that profit favours big business, not the people. Studying in the Faculty of Humanities may have added to my swing against capitalism, and the introduction of student fees and the subsequent burden of student debt may have hardened my resolve.

Biasiny-Tule also has stated that his “inspirational role models were people like Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Che Guevara and locally, Whaea Eva Rickard, Angeline Greensill, cousin Annette Sykes, Tame Iti, Ken Mair, Pita Sharples, Tariana Turia, and Hone Harawira.”

In 2004 Biasiny-Tule was vice president of the Waikato Students Union. That year he also began active involvement in the Maori party. In 2005 he was the Party’s candidate for Hamilton East and also served as Maori Party education spokesman. More recently he has been executive assistant to Maori Party MP, Hone Harawira.

Earlier this year Biasiny-Tule was a Senior Tutor in Te Aka Tikanga, at Waikato University. He was assisting with the Treaty of Waitangi papers and tutoring in the School of Management in a first year paper called “Communication in Aotearoa”.

Biasiny-Tule is currently a claims co-ordinator for the Waitangi Tribunal, one of several socialist leaning individuals working for that august body.

Imagine how much better off this country would be if Biasiny-Tule and hundreds like him were educated, not by socialist sloganeers, but by committed, libertarian lecturers.


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17 thoughts on “Potaua Biasiny-Tule, a Good Man Gone Astray

  1. Kia ora to the 21st Century Trev. Still waiting cuzzie. Be interested to see if your politics survived the Recession. So much for money power. Even the US is socialist these days. Still keen on that debate my man…anytime….anyplace….

  2. Patronising alright Trev. whatever your views are, don't ever be patronising – you don't want to go to your grave ever having been called that – silly bugger.

  3. Look what I found here… A lot of bollicks, thats what I found.

    So happy I no-longer wear Cardies…

    As for asking for airfares Trevor, Shouldn’t it be your pleasure, to let a man put his side straight. I find this to be even more the case when you are the one to have explicitly repackaged that man’s journey on the net, with your own smudgy label crudely cellotaped to it. And surreptiously at that… One word comes to mind here… Cowardice!

    Potaua, If arrives – cap in hand – you should give him a dong – But he won’t

    Nga Mihi

  4. I’m still awaiting Trev – we have much to discuss.

    How about Waitangi weekend 09 in Rotorua, a discussion on your line of thinking, but lets talk about politics today. Keen…?

    Still can’t believe this post hangs so let clear things publicly.


  5. Hahaha – pay the airfares. Sheesh.

    Actualy, you’re on. How about we get crackn in December? Rotorua?


  6. Kia ora ano e Trevor. Have noticed that while you’ve updated your page, you still refuse to communicate directly with me.


    It’s easy to hit and run so how about then we debate live and in person, in Rotorua, the 1st week of October?

  7. What a patronising self-righteous load of rubbish from Trevor.

    Potaua sounds like the kind of man Aotearoa needs more of.

    Libertarians are really pretty funny. Too much Ayn Rand in their muesli I think.


  8. And good call Cameron – the Maori Party are trying their best and Brash is long gone now. Not sure about Key tho but do indeed want to see the conclusion of the permanent Clark campaign ~ looking to be a hot 12 months…

  9. First Response from Potaua ~

    Hi Trevor – I finally found you. Nice with the nostalgic comments – some of what you wrote had me wondering who the heck you’d been talking to, as I would have surely noticed you in the crowd. Would’ve spotted the cardigan.

    Agitating for liberty? I would certinly do so for you, as for any, but calling me a good guy gone bad without even knowing me is a bit fresh (which has been picked up world wide, so thanks you wanker).

    When I first got word you had dropped a blog about me, it made me wonder one thing ~ what the heck for? Sure – a few years back when I was campaigning for Hamilton East, why not ~ a bit of debate would have been encouraged. But calling me out online because you think you’re the guardian of liberty is rot ~ even a basic search of your own name attests to that.

    But back to it – it is my impression that at present, there are no MP’s in Parliament who best represent your view, making you the 1 in 3 who have an opinion but fail to have it heard where it matters. I guess that’s why you’re on blogspot, fighting your style of gueriila politics on behalf of Liberterianz worldwide…or at least in your telephone code.

    Nah but I was a bit annoyed when I read what you said and did wish you dead but fred, instead I used my head and did nothing. Had to wait until the heat was gone. But now I’m back , sneaking back in and re-igniting this. So now I got to ask ~ what’s your prob Trev and what’s it got to do with me???

    (((Throws a heavy gauntlett down on the ground in front of Trevor in challenge and proceeds to smack Trev like a bitch with a silken glove)))

    Your Move Creep…

  10. Libertarians have gone to university, and passed, only to be denied their marks because they have refused to join the compulsory student unions.

  11. Everybody does Oliver, especially you socialists at Auckland.

    Cameron, thats exactly why we need to free up education-so good libertarians have more incentive to start up schools and universities.

    I have no doubt that Biasiny-Tuly is a good bloke, but the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

    If he really cares about his “people” as much as he says he does, he’ll drop the socialist crap and start agitating for liberty.

    I’d direct that advice to you too Cameron, in the nicest possible way of course.

  12. Well possibly this is a sign Libertarians aren’t bright enough to get post-graduate degrees and join acadamia. Maybe you should encourage the young libertarians to go to university and get involved in education Trev? Forget trying to run huge multinational corporations. Become humble educationalists instead.

    Potaua Biasiny-Tule sounds like a really good bloke. I had been a bit suspect of the Maori Party (other than Hone Harawira who is good) because of their wavering on some things, like dealing with Brash, but if it has people like potaua Biasiny-Tule in it I think they’ve got some stuff right.

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