Give ACT the Power to Change This Country for the Better

The kind of thing Rodney Hide can say to John Key if you give ACT your party vote tomorrow.

“John, you gotta get the country out of this Emissions Trading Scam.

“I’ve read the NZIER report. Have you read it?

“It says the ETS is going to cost New Zealand 22,000 new jobs a year.

“Worse than that. You’re going to be making the average household write out a cheque for $3000 and hand it over to the Russians.

“Every year .

“To say nothing of the disaster that’s looming for your rural constituents. The ETS is going to knock 23-40% off the value of sheep and dairy farms.

“And all for what?

“For no environmental gain whatsoever! That’s what the science says. Read the report.

“Don’t get me wrong, John.

“I’m not your classic climate change denier. I’ve been worried about the future of the planet since I was 15.

“(Although it’s funny. Back then, the wise ones were all saying we were going to freeze to death in a new Ice Age. I was so terrified, I went and became an environmental scientist.)

“And over the next 30 years, I found out my green friends were well-meaning, but they weren’t very well-informed.

“So I’m not as worried about the future of the planet as I used to be. Even the UN now admits the globe stopped warming in 1998.

“But I am extremely worried about the destruction of ordinary Kiwis’ working environments if you don’t stop the ETS, ASAP.

“It’s great to be green, John. But we’ve got to be smart green.

“Have a look at our policy and get back to me.”


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