How Whorehouses are Healthier than Hospitals

Richard Prebble’s latest “The Letter” also says As an interesting aside, everyone now agrees that the prostitution law reform has been a failure. There is more prostitution, more street walking and younger girls are involved.

Here is your answer to our health problems.

There are no waiting lists in brothels. If anything, there is an oversupply of beds. Health has 12.000 bureaucrats for 12,000 beds. You will often find bureaucrats in bed in brothels, but businesspeople run brothels not bureacrats. In brothels, “specialists” are available to deal with any special “problem” at a moments notice. There are way more women in nurses uniforms in brothels than there are in hospitals. Almost everybody leaves a brothel (A) alive and (B) satisfied.

Here’s a paradox. If our health system was as free as our sex industry, fewer kiwis would actually get screwed.


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5 thoughts on “How Whorehouses are Healthier than Hospitals

  1. Aaron My point is that free markets and competion raise standards and eliminate shortages. James is right, most of the problems around prostitution stem from the remaining government controls on the trade. Extending private property rights to streets would soon fix the streetwalking problem. If our health system was run by free enterprise and private charities, standards would rise, costs would plummet and waiting lists would be eliminated. In a socialist economy you spend half your life queuing for scarce goods. In a capitalist society you’re constantly being offered more goods and services at better and better prices. I know which system I’d like to see running the health sector.

  2. The so called problems with prostitution law reform are due to the still remaining State interferences in the market.The streets are still public property so no owns them and can tell the girls to move away.The crux of the matter is that prostitution is NOT a crime because it is a consentual activity so legalization was a recognition of individual rights.The problem is the surrounding State legislation that remains that causes conflict…

  3. You miss the pertinent point about the sex industry which is since the deregulation/decrimininalisation regarding sex industry laws, there has been a massive increase in the levels of underage prostitutes, mass proliferation of streetwalkers and associated disturbances of the peace and breaches of the law.

    This is a prime case of liberalism run amuck I’m sorry to say.

    If the health system was as free as our sex industry, the analogy that would fit would be the mass proliferation of quacks and improperly qualified doctors and nurses operating from less than sanitary environments.

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