Don't Turn Burma Into Another Zimbabwe

Recent Burmese “pro-democracy” demonstration. Note man on right carrying photo of , first General Secretary of the Communist Party of Burma and father of “democracy” campaign leader and Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Yesterday’s Burmese “democracy” demonstration in Auckalnd. Note woman in centre carrying Socialist Worker placard.

The Fascist/Socialist Burmese regime is one of the most repressive on the planet and NZ firms should most certainly not be trading with it.

However, anyone campaigning for a better Burma, should be damn’ careful not to give aid or succour to the Marxist-Leninist forces that are unfortunately the backbone of the misleadingly named “democracy” movement.

Burma’s 50 million people deserve better than to be pushed from the frying pan into the fire.

Don’t let the left do to Burma what they did to Zimbabwe.


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15 thoughts on “Don't Turn Burma Into Another Zimbabwe

  1. Where are your clever answers Trev ? – or are you far too philosophically pure (from your armchair) to bother about explaining your “entitlement” to decree horror for the rest of humanity (from your armchair) ?

  2. What supreme and ugly arrogance you display Trevor !

    From your armchair you decree that the suffering Burmese people are not “genuine” in their quest for freedom, so, in as many words, let them continue to suffer the military totalitarians who flog them.

    What gives you the right to such mind-whacking imperiousness, even if you do have to endure the cruel rigours of life under that dodgy socialist “bitch” – the latter word yours Trevor – Helen Clark ?

    Yet another far right-wing failure to even contemplate walking in the moccasins.

    Such plans for other people in their countries !

  3. Mr G. I hardly have to justify my pro-freedom activities to your good self.

    Suffice to say, I try to do my bit.

    If a genuine Burmese freedom movement arose, I might spare them some support (NZ is my top priority).

    However I won’t be helping out the current socialist dominated fraud.

  4. Cameron-if you must know, I lived 2 doors down for awhile.

    Hardly relevant now though Cameron as the man’s been dead for 6 years.

  5. On to a different topic Trevor. As a libertarian, are you an objectivist? Do you agree with “Not PC” that altruism(putting other people first as a matter of principle, or “otherism” – not to be confused with benevolence) is not compatible with libertarian principles?

  6. sam is being a bit cruel to the comrades like joe in sw, who got the finger out and built the protest hard, phoning everyone and anyone in auckland to get down to queen street.
    the left in auckland is a little bit more co operative in how it operates than wellington, i guess.

  7. hey Trevor
    Sam made a good point under one of the burma stories you posted last week, about how you guys always leave it to the left to campaign for human rights and freedom and then refuse to get involved cos the commies are doing stuff. you never answered.

    If you are really interested in freedom for people in Burma, and are confident that your ideas are more relevant than the few dodgy old marxists involved in the movement, you would be there alongside us all.

    anyone who is scared that a few marxists might actually them in an argument is quite pathetic. the other option of course, is that you dont actually give a shit about freedom. which is it trevor?
    Mr G

  8. Hey wow first Trev plagarises my Tearaway article on youth activism to ‘expose’ Radical Youth. Now he takes one of my photos to ‘prove’ Socialist Worker controls the movement for Burmese democracy.

    I never realised how much help I give NZ’s foremost anti-communist crusader. How close is your house now allowed to be to the leader of ZAP’s house?

  9. What a load of rubbish, Trev. There’s a Socialist Worker placard on a demo in Auckland and DASSK’s dad was briefly in the communist party, therefore communists are the ‘backbone’ of the democracy movement.

    Trev, Socialist Worker aren’t the backbone of anything and communism isn’t genetic. I know this must shake your world view a bit, but it’s true. Neither does being at a meeting or something 20 years ago that a Marxist was at mean you are tainted yourself. Marxism is an idiotic ideology/theology, not a communicable disease.

    As for the Burmese, the Burese Communist party is insignificant these days after China switched to backing the military regime. I spent a bit of time with part of the Burmese democracy movement (regt. 3 of the All Burma Student’s Democratic Front) and there was one ex-BCP guy in the camp – respected as a long term activist, but his Marxism was considered ridiculous (people made Stalin jokes) and irrelevent.

    Anyway, I’ll leave you to your weird little world and go and do something useful.

    – Sam Buchanan

  10. Hey, it looks like the Burmese Peoples’ Revolution is gonna triumph…..Hooray !

    And everyone’s happy about that.

    Oh, hang on… some limited but “over-thinking it” measure, not Trev…..but decidedly and spewingly not, Mah NY ! He’s positively slutted !

    What does that say ? Let us know all you freedom lovers ! Blog On !

  11. I think you’re right MAH.

    Anon. I was referring to the huge effort the left put in to topple the Smith regime and install Mugabe.

    Mugabe’s slide into Marxist-Leninist madness was entirely predictable.

    Now the left has the gall to back the Marxist-Leninist opposition to Mugabe and act like saints for doing so.

    I can understand that you guys are out on the streets fighting for the cause, while I’m blogging from the comfort of home.

    What is really at issue however is who has the best understanding of the situation.

    I was right about Zimbabwe all those years ago.

    That gives me better track record than the left.

  12. Sorry Trev, but don’t the revolutionary left in Zimbabwe struggle AGAINST Mgabe’d dictatorship? Socialist Worker recently toured ex MDC MP Munya Gwisai from the Zimbabwean Social Forum and ISO, who has led strikes against Mugabe’s regime and been beaten and tortured for his troubles.

    Which is more than an armchair ACT revolutionary has done from the South Island.

  13. Somehow, I trust neither side. One being a military junta, the other being a faux pro-democracy group acting as it seems a front for the Burmese Communist Party. Even if Burma does become a democratic state, it won’t forshak Burma’s close affiliation with Moscow and Beijing.

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