Sao Paolo Forum Coordinates Marxist Takeover of Latin America

Founded in 1990 by Brazil’s Marxist leader Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva and his long time comrade, Marco Aurelio Garcia, the Sao Paolo Forum is a regular gathering of Latin American Marxist-Leninist and socialist parties.

It is little known, but credited with being the main coordinating body of the “Red Tide” currently flooding Latin America from Argentina to mexico.

According to Wikipedia

The first meeting was in the city of São Paulo, 1990 July, with the participation of 48 parties and organizations from the Latin American continent and the Caribbean. In 1991, in Mexico City (Mexico), the meeting was named Foro de São Paulo. The next meetings were in Managua (1992), Havana (1993), Montevideo (1995), San Salvador (1996), Porto Alegre (1997), Mexico (1998), Managua (2000), Havana (2001), Antigua Guatemala (2002), Quito (2003), São Paulo (2005).

From Cuban Communist Party publication Granma

13 January, 2007

8th Sao Paulo Forum for a Just Society

SAN SALVADOR, Jan 12.— With the ascent into office of left wing governments in the region, the 8th Sao Paulo Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean began today in El Salvador, with the objective of intensifying the struggle to build a more just society.

At the inaugural ceremony of the three day gathering, organized by the leaders of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), at least eight left wing dignitaries were applauded by the more than 1,000 participants from 33 nations that are taking part in the meeting, according to a news dispatch by Notimex.

Presidents Hugo Chavez and Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva were especially applauded and hailed, as they had been present as delegates at the 4th San Paolo Forum that also took place in El Salvador years ago.

In his inaugural speech, the general coordinator of the FMLN, Medardo Gonzalez, made emphasis that human and natural resources should never be exhausted, a vision that he said Cuba put into practice when the nation began its Revolution with President Fidel Castro.

“In our opinion, in these times at the beginning of the critical moment in which the planet may be left without oil, the Revolution needs to be ready to deal with it, and shall continue to prepare to face the difficulties that are coming up” the leader of the FMLN underscored.

Reminding the audience that many voices claimed that Cuba would not endure, he said “Today we are in another era, in a position to move on to the defeat of neo-liberalism, and not only defeat it, but also replace it and build a new model in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

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