The Idiots Guide to the Destructiveness of Public Spending

Many Western countries are trying get out of recession through increased government spending.

The socialists argue that high public spending will stimulate demand, get more people buying and kick start economic growth.

This little British video, shows how completely futile and doomed to failure this strategy is.

Why can most people grasp the basic principles of physics, yet be so completely bamboozled by the equally immutable principles of economics?


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3 thoughts on “The Idiots Guide to the Destructiveness of Public Spending

  1. I have been using this very illustration myself since the Obama years began to attempt to get his zombies and union lovers to understand that the dog eats his own tail.I hate to say but I see no return to sound logic,we've entered into superman's bizarro world.These leftists are suffering from a dementia,a self induced insanity if you will.But it's global and we all pay the consequences regardless of our own recognizing it's presence.Sorry but short of a Miracle we're done.
    Miracles do happen though. Goodday

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