Nick Puts Workers Party on Notice-Well Done!

I’m amused by the infighting inside the communist Workers Party of New Zealand over the expulsion of Vic Uni student prezzy Jasmine Freemantle.

I’m also impressed by the integrity of Jasmine’s fightback and the loyalty shown by her partner Nick Kelly.

Nick’s a decent and principled guy by all accounts and when he gives away the marxism-leninism thing, could become quite an asset to society.

Nick’s not going to take his partner’s treatment lying down.

From Indymedia.

This is notification that I am to boycott the Workers’ Party’s national conference – Workers’ Resistance – being held in Wellington over Queen’s Birthday weekend.
Conference posters advertise that I will address this conference in my role as President of the Wellington Branch of the Tramways Union, about last years’ lockout of bus drivers by Go Wellington management.

Not only will I not be doing this, but I will discourage any other member of my union speak at this event.

This boycott is in protest to the disgraceful action taken by the Workers’ Party against long serving Party member Jasmine Freemantle. Last week the Workers’ Party expelled Jasmine Freemantle for actions in her current role as President of the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA).

I am willing to reconsider the boycott of Workers Resistance, but only if the following occur:

a) The Workers Party overturn their decision to expel Jasmine from the Party,

b) The Steering Group of the Workers Party issues a public statement of apology for the disgraceful way they have treated her.

The Workers’ Party’s expulsion of Freemantle demonstrates the lack of political seriousness of the Party, and that in its current form is not fit to lead workers’ struggles. I hope the Party seriously reconsiders this poor decision.

Nick Kelly

2008-09 President, Wellington Branch of the Tramways Union
2008 Worker’s Party General Election List Candidate
2007 Workers’ Party Mayoral Candidate
2006-09 Organiser, Wellington Branch of the Workers’ Party
2006 President, Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association
2004 Workers’ Party Mayoral Candidate

Don’t hold your breath Nick.

All far left parties degenerate into this sort of Stalinist behaviour eventually. better you find out now before you waste any more of your life on a corrupt cause.


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3 thoughts on “Nick Puts Workers Party on Notice-Well Done!

  1. New Zealand is a rich and stable country through democracy.

    I still do not understand why these people are still looking for a socialist rule.

  2. Dont yah just love it?.The reds airing there dirty linen in public for all to read.SEXUAL HARRASMENT -DIRTY PHONE CALLS AND Texts are considered merely nice juicy gossip by Daphna Whitmore and the WP executive.Not to mention DRUNKENESS AND LAZYNESS.

    Now we have RED KELLY drawn into the arena-refusing to speak at the Red Conference,hahaha waht a joke.RED KELLY has done nothing for the working class.As you know Red is the tramway union president.I this office Nick has done nothing for the members.For fucks sake he comes to work,signs on and gets in his bus and drives off withoiut a by your leave or fuck all to his fellow workers.Nick is only using the tramway union president position for his own political gaines,so later on in life he can proudly claim to have been a member of the working class.

    NICK IS ONLY INTERESTED IN HIMSELF and as far as hes concerned the old phrase of ‘THE WORKING CLASS CAN KISS MY ARSE ‘applies.

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