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Exposed! Pete Buttigieg’s ‘socialist’ hero Bernie Sanders: Pre-order Trevor Loudon’s ‘White House Reds’ today!

Be one of the first people in the United States to own a copy of this shocking new exposé.

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WARNING IOWA! List of Socialists running as Democrats

IOWA, do not vote until you read this! As revealed in Trevor Loudon’s film the Enemies Within, the democrat party has been compromised by subversive socialist…

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Iowa Berniecrat Chris Schwartz claims that his house was vandalized by Christians

Iowan Chris Schwartz has alleged that vandalism found at his property on Thursday is the work of citizens influenced by “hateful rhetoric” of a Christian patriot group who…

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#OurRevolution: Bernie Sanders organizes socialist takeover of Congress

“Helping to build a democratic socialist political force, DSA members have stepped up to run for political office around the United States. Their campaigns represent…

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One Percenter Bernie Sanders buys $600k waterfront ‘summer home’

“Socialist Bernie Sanders just purchased a beachfront home to be enjoyed “seasonally” that would be the envy of any self-respecting one-percenter as reported at a local Vermont…

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WATCH! Clinton tells activists: ‘black children being killed by police’ (video)

Hillary Clinton addressed the activist-left Netroots Nation (#nn16) conference earlier this month, where she: claimed that police officers were killing black children, said she wants to earmark…

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Red Democrats: Meet the Communists and Socialists on the Dems Platform Drafting Committee

Several communists and radical anti-American socialists now serve on the influential Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee. None of them covertly infiltrated their way onto this…

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Iowa Marxists back Democrat Tom Fiegen for US Senate

Iowa’s Marxists hope to elect one of their own to the US Senate this year. Tom Fiegen is one of four Iowa Democrats hoping to win…

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No, there is not a difference between ‘Democratic Socialism’ and ‘Socialism’

There is absolutely no difference between “democratic socialism” and “socialism.” The term “democratic socialism” is used solely to lull the average American into accepting socialism, the path…

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Marxist economist says Sanders will “double your income” – seriously!

The country’s largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America, are completely in the tank for their comrade Bernie Sanders. DSA runs Labor for Bernie, People…

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Who are the Democratic Socialists of America?

“It is absolutely true that taxes would have to go up…” National Director of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Maria Svart, 2015 “Our goal as…

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Blocked: Facebook removes damning Bernie Sanders article

The social media site Facebook inexplicably blocked an Examiner news article which discussed the undeniable Marxist associations of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders. Author…

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#EnemiesWithin: New Video Proves Bernie Sanders is a Communist (video)

“We are willing to put it all on the line to deliver this message.” – Director Judd Saul A little teaser from the upcoming movie…

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LoudonClear: Trevor Loudon has a new radio show!

Trevor has begun a weekly internet-based radio show, LoudonClear hosted by the TK Radio Network! Each Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST, Trevor will be exposing the anti-American, Marxist…

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DSA Marxists Told to Hide Their Support for Bernie Sanders from Voters

Democratic Socialists of America’s support for Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been explicit.  America’s Gramsciist communists want their long time ally Sanders in the White…

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