No, there is not a difference between ‘Democratic Socialism’ and ‘Socialism’

Democratic Socialists of America wish Karl Marx a "Happy Birthday"
Democratic Socialists of America wish Karl Marx a “Happy Birthday”

There is absolutely no difference between “democratic socialism” and “socialism.” The term “democratic socialism” is used solely to lull the average American into accepting socialism, the path to Communism.

Consider the title of the platform of the Communist Party USA:

Communist Party wants Socialism
Communist Party wants Socialism

“Democratic socialists” will likely tell you that the difference between their view and the views of the socialists is twofold:

  1. Democratic Socialists will not raise taxes on the middle class, unlike socialists.
  2. Democratic Socialists believe that businesses should be allowed to be privatized, unlike socialists.

But leaders of DSA have said otherwise, as reported at

“It is absolutely true that taxes would have to go up…” National Director of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Maria Svart, 2015

“Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production.” – DSA National Political Committee Member David Green, 2007

David Green, who wants to “abolish private ownership of the means of production” is sitting next to Bernie Sanders here:

David Green with Bernie Sanders
David Green with Bernie Sanders

Indoctrinated individuals parrot all over social media that there is a difference between “democratic socialism” and “socialism,” but they are clinging to a narrative.

It does not take much digging to find that the Democratic Socialists of America describe themselves as “socialists.” In the “about” section of their website, they declare:

“The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.”

The Democratic Socialists of America strongly endorses presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Here are just a few excerpts from the DSA website:

“Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination offers the biggest opportunity for growth that U.S. socialists have had in decades.” – Joseph M. Schwartz, political science professor at Temple University 

See screenshot retrieved February 16, 2016:

Screenshot at Democratic Socialists of America website retrieved Feb. 16, 2016
Screenshot at Democratic Socialists of America website retrieved Feb. 16, 2016

“We need those sympathetic voters to see socialism as ‘the name of their desire’ and with Bernie as the major left-wing challenger he could serve to legitimate socialism as a political ideology in the eyes of millions.” – Philadelphia DSA leader Dustin Guastella (See tweet below)

See screenshot retrieved February 16, 2016:

Dustin Guastella DSA Bernie is a socialist

“DSA has been fighting for many of Bernie’s positions for nearly 40 years (way before it was cool!). DSA is training and developing the next generation of socialist leaders, activists, and organizers.” – Philadelphia DSA leader Dustin Guastella

“With Sanders we have a tremendous opportunity not only to raise the red flag but to be on the forefront of a new movement for radical transformation.” – Philadelphia DSA leader Dustin Guastella

See screenshot retrieved February 16, 2016:

Dustin Guastella DSA Bernie is a socialist1_Portland DSA
Portland chapter of DSA promotes Bernie Sanders

Likewise, the reason people like presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz cannot articulate a difference between democrats and socialists is because there is none.

A Case Study: How Euphemisms lull Americans 

Democratic Socialism is simply a euphemism for socialism. Socialism is the last stop on the road to Communism.

For ages, radical left wing groups have skillfully learned how to hijack language to push their agenda using euphemisms.

One example is discussed by renowned bioethicist Daniel Callahan, who co-founded the Hastings Center, the premiere bioethics think tank in the world. Callahan was given a grant to study abortion in 1968 from the Ford Foundation and the Population Council.

Callahan’s task was to bring the general population on board with the murderous procedure. In April of 2012 he explained:

“Clearly, many of my fellow advocates sought euphemisms for the actual procedure, any phrase or word that would avoid acknowledging that abortion is the outright killing of fetuses, often by chopping them up, crushing their skulls, and otherwise destroying them. Better to talk about ’emptying the uterine content’ or ‘terminating pregnancy.’ A recent and notable addition to the list is to speak not of infanticide but of ‘post-birth abortion.’”

Learn more about the Democratic Socialists of America.


Author: renee nal

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22 thoughts on “No, there is not a difference between ‘Democratic Socialism’ and ‘Socialism’

  1. ben garrison has copyrighted all those obvious circles and arrows. he’s emailed his cease and desist. also this is hilarious.

  2. Trevor Loudon is a citizen of New Zealand a country that heavily promotes welfare programs while remaining a free market. What is that oh yeah a Social Democracy!

  3. “We can and we must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion and scorn toward those who disagree with us.” Vladimir Lenin

    “The goal of socialism is communism.” Vladimir Lenin


  4. The writer has some good points, but overall missed the point.

    1. The writer insinuates that Bernie is a “socialist” in its pure form. This is not true as I will explain.

    2. The writer argues that Democratic socialism and socialism are the same. This is actually true.

    3. But what most people miss is that Bernie is not a socialist, not a Democratic socialist, but a social Democrat.

    How do I know that? He said that he does Not believe that “the means that the means of production” should be controlled by the society. That’s the basic aspect of socialism.

    Here is explaining it in more detail.

  5. There is definitely a difference between democratic socialism and “socialism” as you mean it. There are in fact many different forms of socialism. Libertarian Socialism, State Socialism and Eco Socialism to name a few. Democratic Socialism runs on a capitalist economy and does not seek to control the means of all production. It is a hybrid of private sector and public social programs designed to lift up the poor and working class. A Democratic Socialist society does regulate the market so that corporations do not run wild and destroy communities in the name of the bottom line. In a totally free market with no restriction or regulation it is inevitable that wealth begins accumulate in the hands of the people best suited to obtain it, while it gets harder and harder for the middle and poor class to survive. Democratic socialism is about shrinking the wealth disparity through means of common welfare programs that help those who were not born into optimal circumstances. The lower to middle working class is the largest consumer group on earth and when they have money businesses do much better. The reason the rich push so hard against this is because a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. More money in the hands of customers means more competition and more competition means the wealthiest people aren’t guaranteed to stay that way. They would rather keep the money they have and let everyone starve rather than pay high taxes and be forced to actually compete in a booming market.

    1. There has never been a Socialist that has hired anyone. They take from the rich to “give to the poor”. It has never worked in any Country that it’s been tried in. You will, at some time, run out of other peoples money. If you think it a great idea, move to Russia, or most any Country in South America. China would also be a good place to move to. But in any case, please get out of my Country because you don’t deserve to live here.

      1. Completely forgot about the Nordic countries and Canada? That are all at the top of Forbes best places to do business list?

    2. “Democratic socialism is about shrinking the wealth disparity through means of common welfare programs that help those who were not born into optimal circumstances.”

      Like the failed Great Society programs and the unsustainable Social Security & Medicare programs? These socialist programs don’t work and yet socialists persist, because it is not about helping the poor, it is about the revolution.

      1. We all know Social security is perfectly fine. Just stop using it to cover tax breaks for big corporation. Also get big pharma out of Medicare sweet deals to line their pockets.

        Typically as always seems like it is big corporations at the cause of it all.

        Try again.

  6. No one seems to understand the meaning of these terms. A look at the USSR Constitution shows it telling us 57 times that the USSR is a SOCIALIST (not communist) republic.

    The word “communist” appears only twice (in Ch. 10) referring to a member of a political party that exists to serve as the vanguard of the working people to develop and strengthen the SOCIALIST system. These people are called democrats here.

    This is straight from the horse’s mouth.

      1. Communism, socialism, proletarian internationalism,”souvereign democracy”, putinism… Any impact on Soviet/Russian missiles targeting the US?..

        1. The USSR constitution of 1977 is a fascinating reading, of course (“All power in the USSR belongs to the people.” etc). But the Stalin constitution of 1936 was not less socialist and democratic (“The USSR is a socialist state of workers and farmers. etc, etc…)! Sure, it required certain practical measures to get implemented…

    1. Not having heard the comment, I don’t know how to take it… He could have been clarifying… as in “Yes, I am a democratic Socialist, you are right”, or maybe he was proud such as “No no, I’m a democratic socialist, there is a difference.”, and yes, there is a difference. Nancy Pelosi came out for socialism with the bolstered claim “We’ll do it right.”.
      It is socialism, re-written by these morons… same goals mind you, but re-written none the less. With that clowned circus, they’d find a way to fuck it up and it may make America undisputed #1 country by running it like the keystone cops. The difference is, compared to these blood thirty savages, Hitler looks like a boy scout helping and old lady across the road. The difference is Hitler had to convince the people, here we’ve had 30 years of socialist brainwashing in our education system. Here, we have 1/2 the country BEGGING for it… Yes, there is a difference. Diana Feinstein was saying “If they don’t know what they are talking about it should be a crime. Some are already calling for repeal of the first amendment. They all to repeal the second amendments. Once those are gone, they are all gone. The author of this article is a fuckin idiot.

      Listen to the voice of experience tell you how it happens…

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