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Exclusive: Democratic Socialists of America denies evidence of Bernie Sanders membership

“…you do realize paying dues once does not necessarily make you a lifetime affiliate of DSA, don’t you?” – Democratic Socialists of America on Twitter, September…

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Bernie Sanders: Evidence that the Senator from Vermont is a Big “C” Communist

By: Trevor Loudon Everybody knows that Bernie Sanders, the grandfatherly Independent Senator from Vermont is a socialist. He’s made no secret of it over the…

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Book Teaser: Bolshevik Bernie Sanders

Vermont’s “Independent” Senator Bernie Sanders likes to portray himself as a bit of a lone wolf socialist – the conscience of the Senate left. In…

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Want to Know Who the Enemies of the Republic Are?: Why KeyWiki is Better Than Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an amazing source of information, but it has one glaring weakness. Because anyone can edit Wikipedia, unflattering or controversial information about politicians or…

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Help KeyWiki Expose the DSA Marxists in Congress!

Knowledge is power. Our sister site KeyWiki is the greatest online store of knowledge available on the internal enemies of the United States of America….

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