Iowa Berniecrat Chris Schwartz claims that his house was vandalized by Christians

Vandalized sign posted by Chris Schwartz on Facebook

Iowan Chris Schwartz has alleged that vandalism found at his property on Thursday is the work of citizens influenced by “hateful rhetoric” of a Christian patriot group who vocally opposes his run for a seat on the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors.

Chris Schwartz is a socialist running as a democrat in Black Hawk County, Iowa. He is endorsed by Bernie Sanders’ organization “Our Revolution” and is the state director of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), an organization revealed as being used by communists to influence Democratic policy by former communist Marvin Treiger in Trevor Loudon’s film, the “Enemies Within.”

Chris Schwartz was described at The Nation in 2007 as “a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and one of CAN’s vocal leaders.” CAN is the Campus Antiwar Network, which is “widely perceived to have been dominated by students from the ISO.”

ISO stands for the International Socialist Organization, a Trotskyist, communist group. ISO is notorious for supporting the Palestinian and Arab causes in the Middle East and led many militant protests against America’s war effort in Iraq. Additionally, virtually all leaders of the now-defunct CAN were members of ISO. In line with ISO policy, Schwartz was involved in anti-Israel activities and led an anti-Iraq war rally in support of Cindy Sheehan, who became a vocal critic of the Iraq war after her son was killed during his service in Iraq.

ISO’s website, has quoted Chris Schwartz here and here.

An insight into Chris Schwartz’s anti-business, pro-government mentality is revealed in this 2011 blog post by Paul Deaton at the self-described “online information resource for Iowa’s progressive community:”

“To wrap up the speakers, Chris Schwartz of Working Families Win, Iowa spoke, with a list of grievances about the government. He touched on the South Korea, Columbia and Panama free trade agreements and on building an “infrastructure bank.” He opined that GMAC, a major employer in Waterloo, “is a corrupt company,” and that the electrical grid “can’t handle new technologies.” He asserted many opinions, the most evident of which was that “government should put people back to work.” Not once did he mention private companies in a favorable light. Some in the audience believe that government should not be the primary driver in putting people back to work. Schwartz had a different opinion.”

Using the slogan “Bottom-up Solutions for a Common Good,” Chris dutifully toes the socialist line. Schwarz is campaigning on issues such as refugee resettlement support. He believes that Black Hawk County “must help refugee support organizations,” that the county should support “community gardens,” decriminalize marijuana, and raise the minimum wage. Schwartz is also a supporter of gun control, and has expressed support for the Democrat “sit-in” for gun-control for those on the “no-fly list.”


According to ADA Action,

“Chris Schwartz has been with ADA since 2006 when he joined us as an organizer for the Working Families Win project. He attended the University of Northern Iowa where he studied both music and political science and became a prominent and outspoken student activist eventually becoming a national leader of the student antiwar movement. Schwartz grew-up in Dubuque Iowa’s north end working class neighborhood and has always had a passion for social, economic, and environmental justice. In his time with ADA he was worked on a multitude of issues including health care, LGBTQ rights, predatory lending, minimum wage, fair taxes, judicial nominations, reproductive freedom, community gardening, neighborhood development, climate change, and fair trade.”

Schwartz claims that his house was vandalized on Thursday morning by someone “likely ‘inspired'” by “hateful rhetoric” by a Christian group in Iowa called “Patriots for Christ.” The organization is run by film-maker Judd Saul, who just so happens to be the director of the Enemies Within.

Referring to bible verse Leviticus 20:13, which is spray-painted on his front door, Chris Schwartz told a local news outlet that he believes the bible verse is a “death threat.”

“It’s a death threat to my boyfriend and I, which says a man who lies with man shall be put to death…It’s honestly scary,” said Schwartz. “This is hatred right at our front door, this is a death threat on our front door.”

Chris Schwartz’s “biggest accomplishment” is his role in starting the Cedar Valley Pridefest

As someone who has written numerous articles about hate crime hoaxes (herehere, here, here, here for just some examples), Chris Schwartz’s story just seems too damned perfect.

Consider the timeline:

  • October 23: The Patriots for Christ group criticized Chris Schwartz on Facebook for referring to the Cedar Valley Pridefest as his “biggest accomplishment.” The FB post encourages people not to vote for Schwartz, by saying in part that he is “a pro-gay socialist who is to the left of Bernie Sanders, who wants to increase regulation, have a county board increase minimum wage, hurt businesses, employees, and continue to bring debauchery to our community…”
  • October 24: Chris Schwartz responded by saying that the Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ is a “hate group” and vaguely reprimanded them further for “spreading flatout lies” and unsurprisingly asks for a donation.
  • October 27: Just three days after referring to the Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ as a “hate group” (a small detail not mentioned by Kim Norvell of the Des Moines Register), Chris Schwartz claims that “hateful rhetoric” from the Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ led to his house being vandalized.

This author smells a rat.

Chris Schwartz
Chris Schwartz via wcfcourier

Hate Crime hoaxes are common on the left. Since they cannot prove their narrative du jour, the radical left simply “nudges” people to accept their narrative by making up “hate crimes” by staging elaborate hoaxes designed to elicit sympathy for the “victim” and hatred for their “oppressor.”

As gay conservative Milo writes:

“Convince enough people you’re a victim, and everyone from presidential candidates to celebrities will come rushing to support you.”

Fellow Iowa Berniecrat and Our Revolution-endorsed Gary Kroeger expressed support for Schwartz. Quoting UAW Local 838 President Tom Ralston, Kroeger laments that graffiti is not far from “the worst kind of violence:”

Likewise, State Senator Jeff Danielson also expressed support:

Schwartz posted photos of the vandalized property on Facebook pinned it to the top of his page and used the occasion to ask for volunteers and donations:

As an aside, every current board member in Black Hawk County, Iowa is aligned with the Democratic party.

Obviously the disclaimer applies that this author does not endorse such vandalism. If a Christian inspired by the “hateful rhetoric” of Patriots for Christ turns out to be responsible for this deed, this author will apologize profusely. If the perpetrator turns out to be Chris Schwartz someone other than a Christian influenced by Patriots for Christ, will Chris Schwartz and his supporters apologize profusely?

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