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No, hate crimes have NOT ‘intensified’ since Trump’s election

One of the many lies stemming from the mainstream media in the wake of Donald Trump’s election is that hate crimes have increased. The source of…

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Lazy Liberal Journalists Smear Bannon

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media Media bias won’t let up just because the liberal media were humiliated on November 8. The bias is…

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WATCH! Six communists arrested after attacking Trump supporters, media yawns (video)

Communists from the “Red Guards Austin” were arrested after violently attacking Trump supporters during an anti-Trump rally at the Capitol on Sunday night, as reported at…

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MSNBC’s Election Day “Crystal Ball” Is Broken

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media Instead of underwriting media stars who fail to predict the future, perhaps the University of Virginia (UVA) ought…

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