Phyllis Bennis: US Leading Anti Israel Jew Explains Herself

Phyllis Bennis is one America’s leading Anti-Israel activists. She is Jewish and for much of her life, a communist.


Currently she runs the New Internationalism Project at the highly influential and extreme left Institute for Policy Studies.

In 2001, she helped found the US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation. She advises several leading United Nations officials on Palestine and in 2013, was in the running to become the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Territories.

In the past, she has been active in Students for a Democratic Society, the far left National Lawyers Guild and the pro-China, turned pro-Soviet, Line of March.

Here she explains her transition from a Los Angeles Zionist Youth activist, to becoming one of Israel’s most effective enemies in the United States.


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8 thoughts on “Phyllis Bennis: US Leading Anti Israel Jew Explains Herself

  1. I am a 72 year old Jew. I never formally practiced my faith. However, my grandfather drilled the prayers into me which
    I still remember and do Yardsite duty for over ten people a year.
    I was told, in many ways, that anti-Semitism is like a low grade
    fever. It gets higher when things are going poorly
    I just happened to catch Nancy Pennis on a news report. I did not know her, but I did. I grew up through “No Dogs or Jews aloud”. I
    heard people for decdades like her, pseudo intellectuals spouting things, that in her case could only be traced to her experience on a
    college campus, and Timothy Leary behavior.
    She like a lot of people are trapped by ideas formulated with a full
    stomach dripping through the corridors in the north east who have
    lots of info but, no application skills.
    She also reminds me of my cousin yuck. Another example of why she
    should have gone to a vocational school.

  2. @Shelley:

    ‘we will have a place to go where we can still be Jews.’

    No, because Israel has an aggressive presence of Communists.
    Commies, non Jew AND Jew need to be sent to Antartica

  3. I graduated HS the same year as Ms. Bennis and went to college during the same ant-war period. I was born and raised Jewish and still practice my religion. None of my grandparents were killed in the Holocaust either, so our backgrounds were very similar. The difference is, she was being raised a reform Jew and I was raised conservative/orthodox. Even today, most reform Jews are very liberal with a socialist or even communist leaning. The more religious Jews have a more conservative leaning. Of course there are always exceptions. But in todays political environment around the world, and with the rise again of anti-semitism, I believe that the Zionists had it right. Jews have always been scapegoats when economies are doing poorly. If there isn’t an Israel, then there is nowhere a Jew can escape to when the new Nazis or Fascists or Islamic terrorists come for us. Even in western countries like the United States and England, a Jew can never be sure that their religious beliefs and practices will not be outlawed. The are anti-circumcision movements in San Francisco and in a number of European countries. Iran’s leader openly expresses that he wants to wipe out Israel, kill Jews wherever they are, establish an Islamic Caliphate, and destroy the western way of life. They persecute Christians as well. Israel is on a minute piece of land, but it is sacred property. Jews have lived on this land from the beginnings of recorded history and even earlier. This is why Jews should all be Zionists, because someday, when we are no longer wanted by our current countries, we will have a place to go where we can still be Jews.

    1. Most Reform Jews just use the shell of Judaism and fill it in with progressive politics. God has of course been ripped out and is replaced with HISTORY, the progressive idea that there is an inevitable movement toward socialism and/or communism. This takes the place of the messianic age in Jewish theology. In order to be “on the right side of history”, one must do whatever is needed to advance the cause of socialism just like in traditional Judaism one hopes for the arrival of the messiah, speedily and soon.

      This is an article of faith for these people. In fact, it is their faith and that is why arguing against socialism is like telling a Christian that Jesus did not exist. This is an attack on their most fundamental article of faith and cannot be tolerated.

      Phyllis Bennis fits this mold exactly. She remains of course an ethnic Jew but does not in any sense of the word practice Judaism.

  4. When she said that something happened to her around 1973 year when her views changed, she forgot that that something is all the drugs she took finally kicked in. Or she had some polis titian in her. These people don’t even realize that it’s exactly what happened to them. Pennis’s brain is fried. Everyone who is politically and not polically involved within our government should be drug and lie detection tested – without exception. It’s sickening to whatch this. But thank you anyways Trevor for this post.

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