Congratulations Britain!

May you be the first of many to desert the socialist European Union of Socialist Republics. One more blow for national sovereignty. Makes me proud that New Zealand voted to keep the Union Jack on our flag. Gives me hope for the world.




Author: Trevor

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12 thoughts on “Congratulations Britain!

  1. “I dont see the EU as a bulwark against Russia. more like a tool.”

    Sorry, I disagree. It’s Nato that cannot be considered a permanent thing (e.g. in terms of European presence), esp, with personages like Mr.Trump in coming.

  2. I do Nic. But this is still a very good thing in my opinion. The EU is a very bad idea, which i hope will eventually be history. I dont see the EU as a bulwark against Russia. more like a tool.

    1. This is the crux right here – is the EU a bulwark against Russia, or a tool? Christopher Story believed the second, and wrote a book about it. All that research he did should be examined before coming to any definite conclusion.

  3. “Gives me hope for the world.”

    Hope is a good thing of course, esp. when it goes along with profound and sober political calculations.

    Or are you ironic in your statement?..

    Anyway, let’s think about many dire consequences of both EU’s and UK’s downfall.

    “nation of shopkeepers” (Adam Smith, Napoleon)…

    1. Britain existed long before the E.U. and she will survive and flourish again as others have who never joined. The global economy was already in a downfall that the socialist U.N. and E.U. monetary, regulatory, immigration and trade policies were only making worse. Decisions have consequences. But this decision was made by those already living with the dire consequences of mandates made by globalists who aren’t, and are not accountable for those decisions.
      That should give the world hope.

      1. I wonder what proportion of the “ordinary” leave-voters would share your globalistic anti-socialist (the very latter – your word, not mine) views?.. How many of those village people do really comprehend what’s all about? I really havn’t got any proper idea.

        And the Scots – are they in absolute majority so simple and shortsighted?.. All of them globalists and socialists?

        Any thoughts on what gonna happen now – or very soon – in the Ukraine, in the Baltics, in Central Europe? Or it doesn’t matter at all?..

        A Russian saying (as always somewhat cynical): “you cannot spread your hopes on bread” (a Google translation)

      2. Don’t you know that new borders create new problems?

        Don’t you see that the leave-movement was lead by hard-headed populists?

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