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WATCH: Insane Testimony by Farhana Khera During Ted Cruz’s Hearing on Radical Islam (Video)

“We wouldn’t go and say, ‘There’s a problem with radical Christianity or radical Christian terrorism. We call the threat what it is. It’s the KKK….

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Sen. Cruz’s Statement At Hearing On Obama Admin’s Willful Blindness To Radical Islamic Terrorism “We have testimony that there was a ‘purge’ of law enforcement and intelligence material, to remove references to radical Islamic terrorism. That should concern…

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WON’T YOU PLEASE HELP? We Must All Join Together to Find a Cure For Sudden Islamic Combustion Syndrome (SICS)

Doug Ross @ Journal Political scientists at The New York Times and Vox are baffled by the thousands of recent incidents of a disease termed…

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Hillary: Savant Of Washington Insider Corruption

By: Lloyd Marcus One of my brothers concluded, “Being in Washington as long as she has, Hillary Clinton has to have learned something. Therefore, she…

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Why Does Obama Hate Britain?

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media Coming to the end of the Obama administration, with the wreckage of its foreign policy all around us,…

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