5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck – Extremely Dangerous People in Wall Street Movement

  1. hi y’all, from an unconfirmed source:
    [Wednesday, October 05, 2011 9:18 PM] ™RainMan AB:

    < Intelligence Report:

    Operation OCCUPY Wall St. is a false opposition movement generated by the NWO under the direct control of George Soros.The individuals involved don't know why they are there.They will soon find out(if they knew who they were helping they would go home).Now that the

    "protest(s)"have started they will spread to other cities and increase in size and scope. Once it is clear that they are not going to stop,new faces will arrive on the scene.These will be a collection of Union thugs/Black Panthers/Street gangsters and NATO Spl.operations Units.The violence will begin soon after their arrival and by Mid-Nov there could be Nation wide damage to property and possibly Martial L@w.The "enemy" has stock piled guns/ammo in containers within the major cities urban areas.These stores were paid for with funds from the 2nd "Stimulus" package.These staging areas should be eliminated as soon hostilities erupt.

    Recommendation(s): -Restrict all movement to within 20 miles of your home or bugout spot.Finish final perpetration for when SHTF,ASAP!!!!

    -Warn all your family,friends and neighbors just how serious this situation is.Compel them to at least begin some perpetration(s) for the worst.

    -Remain in constant contact with your Militia/Patriot units.Watch closely national/local news and movement of Troops/L.E. in your A.O.If contact is lost assume the worst and muster/bugout.

    End report…

    Good luck and God bless you,all!…

  2. I’ve watched this entire video on youtube. You have to wonder, if in addition to the second amendment, they were arming the drug cartels to invade America? It’s certainly a possibility. I think they orchestrated the shooting of the judge and Gabrielle Gifford’s in AZ. The blaming on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, all in unison, was orchestrated. Did they recruit this mentally disturbed man to do it?

    1. OOOOOOHHHH NOOOO ! Our government wouldn’t do something like that would they ?

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