Thank You Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, patriots everywhere!!!

Yuuuuuuuuuuge thankyou to our friends in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska, and patriots all over the country who have helped to keep the Cruz dream alive.

It’s increasingly a two horse race now. And when the voters see Ted Cruz and Donald Trump man to man, it will become very obvious who is best equipped to lead this country through the coming turmoil and on to to its greatest days.

I’m proud to have met so many of you over the last few years. What an incredibly exciting time to live in America.


Author: Trevor

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5 thoughts on “Thank You Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, patriots everywhere!!!

  1. I’m a Florida resident. Besides donating to Ted Cruz’s campaign last week (an addition to prior donations), I am proud to say that on Thursday, March 3rd I “early voted” in the Republican primary, of course for Ted Cruz.

    God willing, we will yet save The United States of America!

  2. A couple of our committed Christian friends said they could not vote for Cruz. They are FOX news people and they believe all the lies about Cruz, and they were Carson supporters who believe the lie that Ted stole IA from Carson! They also said, to top it off, they voted for Carter b/c he was a Christian and look how that turned out. It would’ve only turned into anger, but I wanted to say that we looked at Carter since he said he was a believer, although we were republicans, but looking at his statements, his record, and lots of other stuff, we knew we could not vote for him. People can be duped easily by not paying attention to the details.

  3. In Arizona, we are getting ready to vote, myself and family, have the absentee ballots ready. Yesterday, so-called Super-Tuesday, I visited a conservative Christian friend of mine who said he was voting for Trump. My friend said everything was wrong in Washington; he was angry, but failed to see it is the Democrats and Obama who are to blame. And, Trump’s political past is with the Democrats. I further mentioned Trump is not even a Christian by definition, since he said he has never asked God for forgiveness. Most shocking to the conscious is Trump being featured on the front cover of Playboy, which may in part explain his multiple marriages. Anyone paying attention to the facts would conclude Trump is doesn’t fit into the Republican Party as the leader, much less the president. We can’t let our anger and emotions cloud our judgment.

    1. Unfortunately even though the Democrats can be blamed for a lot of the bad things occurring in our country, the fact that the GOP has a majority in both the Senate and the House cannot be overlooked. They are apparently in league with them. They have the Congressional power to stand in the way, to impeach and to block any “power of the pen” that the Muslim in Chief seems to think he has, yet they do nothing. I’m very much afraid that our Constitutional Republic is a thing of the past. I will vote for whomever the party ends up nominating, be it Trump, Cruz or, God forbid, Rubio.

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