Stadler States the Obvious

Tolerance is a commendable virtue, but honesty is even more important.

Austrian Member of Parliament Ewart Stadler, is bluntly honest in his rebuttal of Turkish criticism of alleged poor treatment of Turkish immigrants by Austria.

Some societies are better than others. Some cultures are respectful and tolerant of individuals than others. that is a fact.

Tolerant and open societies should not put up with criticism from nations with far poorer human rights records.

Ewart Stadler seems to understand that. If only more western politicians did, we would all be better off.


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5 thoughts on “Stadler States the Obvious

  1. "Tolerant and open societies should not put up with criticism from nations with far poorer human rights records."

    I agree. Austria has laws against questioning the Holocaust. Turkey does not. Therefore Turkey should not put up with criticism from Austria.

  2. Very Good post.Non Asimilation has been the main divider of America.Everyone from outside like what we have but can't find it ANYWHERE,so they arrive and aren't Demanded to stay a minute or become AMERICANS. Communism is a philosophy where you take GOLD and turn it into SHIT,then pretend you've improved everything.Honestly,"Better Dead by far than Red".

  3. Bravo Herr Stadler! We need politicians like this here. This is a lot like what the Austrailian Prime Minster said to muslims there. "We don't need to accomodate you, you are guests in our country and you need to accomodate us".

    Austria is there for Austrians only, everyone else there are guests in their house.

    "Political correctness" is the excrement of Marxism,, a "divide and conquer" stratgegy and a "self destruct" mechanism employed to destroy the "host" people of a "nation".

    "Nations" are founded upon principles of "unity", not diversity. A house divided against itself cannot stand. The law dictionary definition of "nation" is a society of blood relatives of the same race; professing the same religion; and speaking the same language.

    Communism regards ALL races, colors, creeds, and national orgins as equal. This is designed to destroy national unity and patriotism; which flag will you support? A person who stands for nothing is easy to control.

    When a nation's "host" people adopt aliens into their national family, it is with the intention that these aliens assimilate into that "host" culture and adopt their national family's principles.

    It is not the prerogotive of these aliens to demand that the "host" people who have accepted them into their family fold, abandon their cultural customs in order to accomodate these alien "guests".

    "Political correctness" needs to be recognized for what it is and officially reviled and purged from our ideology.

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